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Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices 2022

Zoe’s Kitchen (written as Zoes Kitchen) is a quick-casual chain of restaurants serving a variety of salads, sandwiches made of grilled chicken, and soups.

 Zoe’s Kitchen prices are more expensive than fast food however, they are in line with the rest in the casual fast-food sector.

The restaurant is mostly geared toward lunchtime customers and has a small menu that’s Greek-inspired. 

zoes kitchen menu prices

One distinctive aspect of the establishment is the fact that they provide the “Take Home Tubs” of salads.

Below are the most current Zoes Kitchen menu prices.

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices List 


Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Entrees

Chicken Rollups $8.09
Spinach Rollups $7.79
Spinach Rollups with Chicken $8.89
Steak Rollups $9.29
Chicken Kabobs – Zoes Favorite! $9.29
Steak Kabobs $11.89
Salmon Kabobs $11.89
Shrimp Kabobs $10.39
Veggie Kabobs $8.89
Kabob Combo Plate $11.39
Greek Chicken Marinara $9.39
Protein Power Plate $8.39
Mediterranean Chicken $9.39

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Soups

Chicken & Orzo Cup $3.39
Chicken & Orzo Bowl $5.19
Chicken & Orzo Quart $10.09
Chicken & Orzo Half Gallon $21.59
Tomato Bisque Cup $3.39
Tomato Bisque Bowl $5.19
Tomato Bisque Quart $10.09
Tomato Bisque Half Gallon $21.59

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Hummus & Salads

Hummus & Pita $4.99
Basil Pesto Hummus & Pita $5.49
Red Pepper Hummus & Pita $5.49
Hummus Trio $6.99
Hummus & Salad Plate $7.29
Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate $8.89
Live Med Salad $7.89
Baked Feta $7.39
Greek Salad $7.89
Tossed Greek $9.19
Orzo “Tabouli” Salad $7.89
Side Greek Salad $3.79
Quinoa Salad $7.29

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Classic Sandwiches

Pimento Cheese Sandwich $7.39
Chix Salad Sandwich $7.49
Pick Two! $7.29

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Grilled Sandwiches

Gruben – Zoes Favorite! $7.89
Turkey Stack $7.89
Steak Stack $8.29
Ham Piadina $8.39
Spinach/Mushroom Piadina $8.19

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Pita Sandwiches

Greek Chicken Pita $7.89
Lean Turkey Pita $7.69
Mediterranean Tuna Pita $7.79

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Kids

Includes Kids Side

Kids Quesadilla $3.99
Grilled Chicken Fingers $3.99
Grilled Turkey & Cheese $3.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich $3.99
Kids Roll-up $3.99
Kids Fruit Cup (No Side Included) $1.49

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Desserts

Yaya’s Hand-Made Chocolate Cake 1 Pc. $2.59
Yaya’s Hand-Made Chocolate Cake Whole $21.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.39
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $2.39

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Take-Home Tubs

Chicken Salad Half Pint $4.99
Chicken Salad Pint $8.99
Hummus Half Pint $4.69
Hummus Pint $7.99
Red Pepper Hummus Half Pint $4.89
Red Pepper Hummus Pint $8.49
Basil Pesto Hummus Half Pint $4.89
Basil Pesto Hummus Pint $8.49
Pasta Salad Half Pint $3.99
Pasta Salad Pint $6.99
Pimento Cheese Half Pint $4.99
Pimento Cheese Pint $8.99
Potato Salad Half Pint $3.99
Potato Salad Pint $6.99
Slaw Pint $3.99
Slaw Quart $6.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Pint $4.69
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Quart $7.99
White Beans Pint $3.99
White Beans Quart $6.99
Mediterranean Tuna Half Pint $4.99
Mediterranean Tuna Pint $8.99
Quinoa Half Pint $3.69
Quinoa Pint $6.99
Tabouli Half Pint $3.69
Tabouli Pint $6.99

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Chips

Chips $0.99
Pita Chips $1.29

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Sides

Roasted Vegetables $2.29
Braised White Beans $2.29
Marinated Slaw $2.29
Pasta Salad $2.29
Potato Salad $2.29
Rice Pilaf $2.29
Seasonal Fresh Fruit $2.29
Orzo $2.29
Chicken Salad $3.89
Pimento Cheese $3.89
White or Wheat Pita Wedges $0.99
Tabouli $2.29
Hummus $3.99
Basil & Pesto Hummus $4.29
Red Pepper Hummus $4.29
Quinoa $2.29
Hummus Taster 2 oz. $1.65
Basil Hummus Taster 2 oz. $1.75
Red Pepper Hummus Taster 2 oz. $1.75
Cucumber $0.99

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Drinks

Sports Cup Refill $1.09
Kids Milk or Chocolate Milk $1.79
Kids Apple Juice $1.79
Fountain Drink $1.99
Limeade $2.39
Sports Cup Limeade $2.79
Vitamin or Smart Water $2.49
Pellegrino $2.59
Sweet or Unsweet Tea Gallon $6.99
Green Tea Gallon $7.99
Limeade Gallon $7.99

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Family Meals

Family Meal Choices of Kabobs, Chicken Breasts, Marinara Chicken or Rollup Dinner

Mediterranean Family Meal – Kabobs Small $29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Kabobs Large $39.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Chicken Breasts Small $29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Chicken Breasts Large $39.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Marinara Chicken Small $29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Marinara Chicken Large $39.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Rollup Dinner Small $29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Rollup Dinner Large $39.99

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Gluten-Free Soups & Salads

Tomato Bisque Cup $3.39
Tomato Bisque Bowl $5.19
Tomato Bisque Quart $10.09
Hummus Bowl $4.99
Hummus & Salad Plate $7.29
Greek Salad $7.89
Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate $8.89
Side Greek Salad $3.79

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Gluten-Free Entrees

Gluten-Free Protein Power Plate $8.39
Gluten-Free Quinoa Salad $7.29
Gluten-Free Shrimp Kabobs $10.39
Gluten-Free Greek Chicken Marinara $9.39
Gluten-Free Mediterranean Chicken $9.39

Zoe’s Kitchen Menu Prices For Gluten-Free Sides

Seasonal Fresh Fruit $2.29
Braised White Beans $2.29
Potato Salad $2.29
Marinated Slaw $2.29
Roasted Vegetables $2.29
Quinoa $2.29

About Zoes Kitchen

John Cassimus opened the first Zoes Kitchen restaurant in October 1995. In March 2015, there were 171 restaurants across 17 states. And the chain is expanding! 

The headquarters is located in Plano, Texas although the menu doesn’t seem to contain any trace of Texas food. This isn’t surprising as the chain’s focus is on Mediterranean-inspired food.

Zoe’s Kitchen prices are reasonable. Zoe’s Kitchen prices are still affordable despite the higher prices due to the quality of the Greek-inspired food with a great atmosphere and fast service. 

The menu’s minimal nature makes it ideal for its clients, as the quality of food can be maintained even in an entire restaurant.

The Greek-inspired menu offers a variety of kinds of pasta salad, chicken salad, chicken grilled pitas, and sandwiches, along with vegan and vegetarian alternatives. 

Kebabs are also available featuring salmon, steaks, and chicken wraps made with the likes of steaks, spinach, and chicken as well as hummus-based meals.

 The drinks include self-serve fountain drinks as well as milk, juices hot tea, along with bottled drinks.

zoes kitchen menu prices

Review Of Zoes Kitchen Menu 

If you’re looking for home-cooked and fresh, tasty food This is your place. Their restaurants are contemporary, clean, and brightly colored.

They have various seating options, including the 50’s-style booths or even an open-air breakfast bar in the windows. 

If you don’t have enough time to sit for a meal, you could grab a snack on the go. The staff is friendly and attentive and strives to make your experience as pleasant as you can.

Their Mediterranean-style menu offers a variety of choices to choose from such as soup, hummus, salad classic sandwiches, grilled sandwiches pita sandwiches, main dishes desserts, desserts, and sides, as well as drinks. 

They also offer a menu for kids for children who are under 12 years old. The other benefit is their family meal choices, which include two sides, the main dish, Greek salad plus hummus and pita or cucumber. Additionally, they also offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Their most loved products include most notably their pita and hummus. Hummus is available in a range of flavors like basil pesto and red pepper, or the traditional. 

It’s smooth and full of flavor, and the pita bread is deliciously fresh. This Greek salad is made up of the freshest salad leaves that are tossed perfectly or perhaps their own steak kabobs that are perfectly grilled to preserve its delicious taste.

Although they’re slightly higher priced than other fast-food chains, however, their prices are affordable. 

For a sandwich, you’ll pay between $6 to $8. for pita, hummus, and salads, you can expect to pay between $4 and $8. 

The main focus of Zoe’s Kitchen is on providing healthy, nutritious delicious Mediterranean cuisine that will enhance the body and spirit, and that’s definitely the kind of food they offer.

Zoe’s Kitchen Contact Information

Zoës Kitchen Corporate Office Address- 5760 State Highway 121, Suite 250, Plano, TX 75024, United States

Zoës Kitchen Corporate Office Phone Number-  214-436-8765

You can also contact the team of Zoës Kitchen by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook: facebook.com/ZoesKitchen/

Instagram: instagram.com/zoeskitchen/

Twitter: twitter.com/zoeskitchen

Linkedin: zoës kitchen near me

zoës kitchen near me

FAQ Of Zoes Kitchen Menu  

❤️ Is Zoes Kitchen Halal?

Zoe’s Kitchen meat is not Halal.

❤️ Does Zoes Kitchen serve alcohol?

No, Zoes Kitchen does not serve alcohol.

❤️ Does Zoes Kitchen have wifi?

Yes, WiFi is freely accessible in Zoes Kitchen.

❤️ Is Zoes Kitchen healthy?

Absolutely, Zoes Kitchen is healthy because it was founded on the idea of diets that are well-anchored in nutritious grains, fats, and fish, which assist in lowering cholesterol levels, weight loss, etc.

❤️ Does Zoes Kitchen deliver?

It’s dependent on the area however, generally, Zoes Kitchen has a delivery option.

❤️ Does Zoes Kitchen have a vegetarian alternative?

Absolutely, Zoes Kitchen has a variety of vegetarian choices.

❤️ Who is the owner of Zoes Kitchen?

Cava group owns Zoes Kitchen.

❤️ What can you order from Zoes Food Court?

Chicken kabobs are an excellent option for dinner at Zoes Kitchen for people who are on a diet high in protein.

❤️ Does Zoes Kitchen serve breakfast?

No, Zoes Kitchen doesn’t serve breakfast.

❤️ What is the cost of Zoes Kitchen Hummus’s three-pack?

Zoe’s Kitchen Hummus trio costs about $8.60.

❤️ What type of food is Zoes Kitchen?

Food at Zoes Kitchen is Mediterranean-stimulated comfort food that is prepared from scratch recipes using fresh ingredients.

❤️ Is Zoes Kitchen expensive?

Zoe’s Kitchen is a bit costly when compared with fast food. Check out Zoe’s Kitchen’s menu prices above. Zoe’s Kitchen menu prices above to get a better understanding.


Zoe’s Kitchen has solidified its reputation for quality, healthy tasty food and is the perfect choice for winning the fast-food restaurant with a Greek theme. 

This is why we have provided the specifics for all menu items from salads and desserts based on the most current menu prices. 

However, Zoe’s Kitchen menu prices may be changed at any time So make sure to check out their official website www.zoeskitchen.com for the most current information or go to this page to check the most current prices.

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