Zaxby’s Menu Prices [Updated 2022] ❤️

Zaxby’s Menu Prices 2022

Zaxby’s Menu Prices: If your family or friends suddenly showed up at your house and you need to order food at a low price but still tasty, you can look at the most recent Zaxby’s menu prices and place your order accordingly. Here is the secret Zaxby’s menu price.

You can view and order food from Zaxby’s while at work. Here are the details for all food items, from starters to desserts. You can also compare the delicious food you find at other places.

This is the latest Zaxby’s menu price list. You can view the Zaxby menu price list and order food online or at the restaurant to see the latest price list.

Zaxby’s Menu Prices

You should be aware of the current prices for food such as burgers, soups, chicken, and beverages.

This portal provides all the latest restaurant menu prices with updated information. Zaxby’s 2022 menu prices can be viewed below.

Below is a chart that includes Zaxby’s breakfast menu price and Zaxby’s meal menu price. You can also see Zaxby’s catering menu pricing.

Zaxby’s Menu Prices


Zaxby’s Menu Prices For Most Popular

Chicken Finger Plate $6.49
Chicken Finger Plate $8.49
Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate $6.99
Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate $8.99
Wings & Things $6.79
Wings & Things $7.79
Large Wings & Things $8.79
Large Wings & Things $9.79
Buffalo Wings & Things $7.09
Buffalo Wings & Things $8.09
Large Buffalo Wings & Things $9.29
Large Buffalo Wings & Things $10.29

Zaxby’s Menu Prices For Meal Dealz

Big Zax Snak® Meal $5.99
Buffalo Big Zax Snak® Meal $6.29
Boneless Wings Meal $5.49
Buffalo Wings Meal $6.49
Chicken Finger Sandwich Meal $5.99
Kickin Chicken Sandwich $3.99
Kickin Chicken Sandwich Meal $5.99
Gameday Fillet Sandwich $3.49
Gameday Fillet Sandwich Meal $5.49
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $3.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal $5.79
Nibblerz® Meal $6.29
Chicken Salad Sandwich $3.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich Meal $5.49
Zaxby’s Club Sandwich $4.99
Cajun Club Sandwich $4.99

Zaxby’s Menu Prices For Wings & Fingerz

Traditional $4.99
Traditional $8.99
Traditional $16.99
Boneless $3.99
Boneless $6.99
Boneless $12.99
Chicken Fingerz $4.49
Chicken Fingerz $7.99
Chicken Fingerz $14.99
Buffalo Fingerz® $4.99
Buffalo Fingerz® $8.99
Buffalo Fingerz® $16.99

Zaxby’s Menu Prices For Salads

The House (Garden) $4.99
The House (Fried) $6.99
The House (Grilled) $6.99
The Cobb Zalad (Garden) $5.29
The Cobb Zalad (Fried) $7.29
The Cobb Zalad (Grilled) $7.29
The Caesar (Garden) $4.99
The Caesar (Fried) $6.99
The Caesar (Grilled) $6.99
The Blue (Garden) $4.99
The Blue (Blackened) $6.99
The Blue (Buffaloed) $6.99

Zaxby’s Menu Prices For Zappetizers

Fried White Cheddar Bites $3.29
Onion Rings $3.29
Spicy Fried Mushrooms $3.29
Tater Chips $3.29

Zaxby’s Menu Prices For Zax Kidz

Kiddie Fingerz $3.99
Buffalo Kiddie Fingerz $4.19
Kiddie Cheese $3.99
Kidz Nibbler $3.99

Zaxby’s Menu Prices For Sides & Extras

Zax Sauce $0.25
Sauce $0.25
Dressing $0.25
The Nibbler $1.59
Buffalo Zax Snak $4.29
Zax Snak $3.99
Crinkle Fries $1.49
Crinkle Fries $1.99
Side Salad $2.49
Side Caesar Salad $2.49
Chicken Finger $1.09
Buffalo Finger $1.19
Celery $1.89
Texas Toast $1.49
Chicken Salad $2.79
Chicken Salad $4.49
Chicken Salad $8.99
Coleslaw $0.49
Coleslaw $1.29
Coleslaw $2.58

Zaxby’s Menu Prices For Desserts

Milkshake (Birthday Cake, Banana Pudding & Chocolate Cookie) $3.29
Fresh-Baked Cookie $0.49
Fresh-Baked Cookies $1.29
Brownie $0.99

Zaxby’s Menu Prices For Beverages

Drink $1.69
Drink $1.89
Drink $2.09
Bottled Water $1.49
Apple Juice $1.09
Milk $1.09
Milk $1.09
Kidz Beverage $0.99
Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened) $4.99

Zaxby’s Menu Prices For Catering Party Platterz

Chicken Fingerz™ Platter $36.99
Chicken Fingerz™ Platter $49.99
Buffalo Fingerz™ Platter $40.99
Buffalo Fingerz™ Platter $55.99
Zampler Traditional Platter (20 Fingers & 20 Traditional Wings) $39.99
Zampler Traditional Platter (30 Fingers & 30 Traditional Wings) $54.99
Zampler Boneless Platter (20 Fingers & 20 Boneless Wings) $35.99
Zampler Boneless Platter (30 Fingers & 30 Boneless Wings) $47.99
Buffalo Traditional Platter (20 Buffalo Fingers & 20 Traditional Wings) $41.99
Buffalo Traditional Platter (30 Buffalo Fingers & 30 Traditional Wings) $56.99
Buffalo Boneless Platter (20 Buffalo Fingers & 20 Boneless Wings) $37.99
Buffalo Boneless Platter (30 Buffalo Fingers & 30 Boneless Wings) $50.99
Traditional Wings $42.99
Traditional Wings $57.99
Boneless Wings $34.99
Boneless Wings $46.99
Chicken Fingerz™ Boxed $31.99
Chicken Fingerz™ Boxed $44.99
Buffalo Fingerz™ Boxed $35.99
Buffalo Fingerz™ Boxed $48.99
Zapler Traditional Boxed (20 Fingers & 20 Traditional Wings) $34.99
Zapler Traditional Boxed (30 Fingers & 30 Traditional Wings) $48.99
Zapler Boneless Boxed (20 Fingers & 20 Boneless Wings) $30.99
Zapler Boneless Boxed (30 Fingers & 30 Boneless Wings) $42.99
Buffalo Traditional Boxed (20 Buffalo Fingers & 20 Traditional Wings) $36.99
Buffalo Traditional Boxed (30 Buffalo Fingers & 30 Traditional Wings) $51.99
Buffalo Boneless Boxed (20 Buffalo Fingers & 20 Boneless Wings) $32.99
Buffalo Boneless Boxed (30 Buffalo Fingers & 30 Boneless Wings) $45.99
Traditional Wings Boxed $37.99
Traditional Wings Boxed $52.99
Boneless Wings Boxed $29.99
Boneless Wings Boxed $41.99
Nibblers Platter $34.99
Nibblers Go Bag $29.99
Chicken Salad $4.49
Chicken Salad $8.99
Cole Slaw $1.29
Cole Slaw $2.58
Brownie Platter $6.99
Brownie Platter $11.79
Cookie Platter (1 Flavor) $4.99
Cookie Platter (3 Flavors) $14.99

Zaxby’s Menu Prices For Zax Pak Boxed Launch

Includes Chips, Coleslaw & Fresh-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chicken Fingerz Sandwich Box $5.99
Chicken Fingerz Boxed Lunch $5.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Box $5.99
Boneless Wing Box $5.99
Nibblers Box $5.99

Zaxby’s Catering Menu Prices

For casual parties or gatherings, the most effective method to take for food choices is to choose simple menus. 

It is recommended to provide food that is easy to consume such as sandwiches, finger food, and so on. Your guests should be able to chat freely with one another and have fun.

They should also not fret about messing up their hands or the food. Today, a lot of fast-casual eateries make our lives simpler by offering catering services for a variety of events. 

This helps us save a lot of time in the preparation process and cooking, particularly if it’s not necessarily our forte. 

Employing a reliable catering company for your event can guarantee top-quality food and drinks and a meal that guests enjoy.

Zaxby’s Catering Menu


Zaxby’s Catering Menu For Party Platters

Chicken Fingerz Platter Regular $40.99
Chicken Fingerz Platter Large $54.99
Buffalo Fingerz Platter Regular $44.99
Buffalo Fingerz Platter Large $60.99
Traditional Wings Platter Regular $42.99
Traditional Wings Platter Large $58.99
Boneless Wings Platter Regular $34.99
Boneless Wings Platter Large $46.99
Traditional Zampler Platter Regular $42.99
Traditional Zampler Platter Large $57.99
Boneless Zampler Platter Regular $38.99
Boneless Zampler Platter Large $51.99
Traditional Buffalo Zampler Platter Regular $40.99
Traditional Buffalo Zampler Platter Large $59.99
Nibblers Platter Regular $32.99
Nibblers Platter Large $27.99
Chicken Fingerz Boxed Regular $35.99
Chicken Fingerz Boxed Large $49.99
Buffalo Fingerz Boxed Regular $39.99
Buffalo Fingerz Boxed Large $55.99
Traditional Zampler Boxed Regular $37.99
Traditional Zampler Boxed Large $52.99
Boneless Zampler Boxed Regular $33.99
Boneless Zampler Boxed Large $46.99
Boneless Buffalo Zampler Boxed Regular $35.99
Boneless Buffalo Zampler Boxed Large $49.99
Traditional Buffalo Zampler Boxed Regular $39.99
Traditional Buffalo Zampler Boxed Large $54.99
Traditional Wings Boxed Regular $37.99
Traditional Wings Boxed Large $53.99
Boneless Wings Boxed Regular $29.99
Boneless Wings Boxed Large $41.99
Zalad Platter – Blue Regular $57.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich Platter Serves 14 $32.99
Flatbread Sandwich Platter Serves 14 $44.99
Sides And More Platter Serves 14 $44.99
Tater Chips Platter With Buffalo Chicken Dip Serves 14 $29.99
Buffalo Chicken Dip Platter Serves 14 $29.99
Tater Chip Platter Serves 14 $19.99
Texas Toast Platter Serves 14 $11.99
Extra Sauce 8oz. $1.50
Extra Sauce 16oz. $3.00

Zaxby’s Catering Menu For Zax Pak Boxed Lunch

Chicken Finger Sandwich Boxed Lunch (Fried) $7.99
Chicken Finger Sandwich Boxed Lunch (Grilled) $7.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich Boxed Lunch $7.99
Boneless Wing Boxed Lunch $7.99
Flatbread Wrap Boxed Lunch (Buffalo Chicken) $7.99
Flatbread Wrap Boxed Lunch (Chicken Club) $7.99
Flatbread Wrap Boxed Lunch (Grilled Caesar) $7.99
Fingerz Boxed Lunch 3 $7.49
Fingerz Boxed Lunch 4 $7.99
Fingerz Boxed Lunch 5 $8.49
House Zalad Boxed Lunch (Fried) $8.49
House Zalad Boxed Lunch (Grilled) $8.49
Caesar Salad Boxed Lunch (Fried) $8.49
Caesar Salad Boxed Lunch (Grilled) $8.49
Blue Zalad Boxed Lunch (Buffalo) $8.49
Blue Zalad Boxed Lunch (Blackened) $8.49

Zaxby’s Catering Menu For Sides

Pasta Salad $21.99
Coleslaw $10.99
Buffalo Chicken Dip $31.99

Zaxby’s Catering Menu For Party Packages

Chicken Fingerz Party Package Serves 10 $99.99
Chicken Fingerz Party Package Serves 15 $149.99
Buffalo Chicken Finger Party Package Serves 10 $103.99
Buffalo Chicken Finger Party Package Serves 15 $153.99
House Zalad Party Package Serves 10 $124.99
House Zalad Party Package Serves 15 $174.99
Caesar Zalad Party Package Serves 10 $124.99
Caesar Zalad Party Package Serves 15 $174.99
Blue Zalad Party Package Serves 10 $124.99
Blue Zalad Party Package Serves 15 $174.99
Flatbread Sandwich Party Package Serves 10 $119.99
Flatbread Sandwich Party Package Serves 15 $169.99

Zaxby’s Catering Menu For Desserts

Brownie Platter 12 Half Brownies $7.99
Brownie Platter 36 Half Brownies $18.99
Cookie Platter 12 $4.99
Cookie Platter 36 $13.99
Dessert Zampler Platter $22.99

Zaxby’s Catering Menu For Beverages

Tea (Sweet) Gallon $3.99
Tea (Unsweetened) Gallon $3.99

Popular Menu Items

The Boneless Wings and traditional wings as well as chicken fingers, are the mainstay in the dining menus at Zaxby’s.

Delicious wing sauces such as Garlic and Ginger hot Honey Mustard and Tongue Torch(r) will keep customers returning for their delicious snacks served in an enjoyable and welcoming setting.

If you’re looking for something that is lighter, be sure you check out the various Zalads(r) available on the menu. 

They’re packed with delicious grilling chicken and plenty of toppings to add the crunch, zest, and zing.

zaxby's Menu Prices

About Zaxby’s

We are a society obsessed with chickens or, at the very most, that’s the impression we can observe about American society thanks to the abundance of restaurants that focus on chicken. 

Despite the ubiquitous presence of the giants such as KFC McDonald’s and more, there’s an independent chain that’s creating its own name in the dining scene. 

It’s Zaxby’s, a restaurant chain that is based primarily within Southern and Southern United States, and it’s not just the affordable Zaxby’s rates that people are returning to again and again.

Zaxby’s history

Cofounders and childhood buddies Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley opened the first Zaxby’s in Statesboro, Georgia in 1990.

Inspired by the many chicken restaurants in Athens, Georgia near their college, they wanted to offer a similar selection of chicken fingers and wings here.

The chain has grown steadily to include locations in 17 states by 2016.

Many of these locations are near large South East universities. Their slogan is “Indescribably Great”. Advertising campaigns began in the mid-2000s with celebrity endorsements.


Zaxby’s is the type of place I love. It is simple, but it is very nice. There are more tables and chairs in the dining room.

The meals are spectacular. They are presented uniquely by the crews. This will make it more exciting to try them!

The Chicken Finger Plate and Buffalo Chicken Finger Plate are our best-selling products. You will love the Wings & Things and the Big Zax Snak. They are delicious!

It is also pleasant because the crew members make every effort to please the customers. They make every effort to serve orders in a timely manner to the right customers within 10 to 15 minutes.

Zaxby’s Franchising Information

Zaxby operates in more than 900 cities. Zaxby’s operates in 18 US states, but mainly in the Southern States of America.

Out of the 900 locations, 777 are franchised and 123 are corporate-owned. This is the price you will need to open one Zaxby’s store.

Liquid Capital Required $400,000
Net worth required $70,000
Franchise Fee $35,000
Total Investment $284,000 – $664,300

Important Links

Official Website
Gift Cards

Zaxby’s Contact Information

Zaxby’s Corporate Office Address- 1040 Founder’s BoulevardSuite 100
Athens, Georgia 30606

Zaxby’s Corporate Office Phone Number- (706) 353-8107

You can also contact the team of Zaxby’s by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page:

Instagram Account:

Twitter Handle:

YouTube Channel:

Zaxby’s Hours

Zaxby’s has come to be synonymous with delicious chicken. In order to cater to more customers, they offer special dining hours. 

Breakfast hours at Zaxby’s start at 6.00 AM and continue from 6.00 AM until 10.30 AM at certain places. The lunchtime Zaxby’s Hours begins at 12.00 pm and continues until 5 pm.

If you’re planning to go to Zaxby’s occasionally it is possible to check the hours of opening and closing on a week-long basis here.

Monday 10:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM- 10:00 PM

Zaxby’s Holiday Hours

As with other restaurants that are popular Zaxby’s also remains open on the most popular public holidays to satisfy the needs of its patrons. We’ve listed the calendar of holidays during which Zaxby’s is open:

      • New Year’s Day
      • Martin Luther King’s Jr. Birthday
      • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
      • Valentine’s Day
      • President’s Day
      • St. Patrick’s Day
      • Good Friday
      • Easter Sunday
      • Easter Monday
      • Cinco De Mayo
      • Mother’s Day
      • Memorial Day
      • Father’s Day
      • Independence Day
      • Labour Day
      • Columbus Day
      • Halloween
      • Veteran’s Day
      • Thanksgiving Day
      • Black Friday
      • Cyber Monday
      • Christmas Day
      • Christmas Eve

Near Me 

If you’re planning to go to a Zaxby restaurant, make use of the store locator we’ve included here to aid you in finding the nearest Zaxby location.

FAQs Of Zaxby’s

❤️ Does Zaxby’s fry their wings?

Dipped in breading and dipped in fryer boneless wings are delicious, but an unwise choice to make at a fast-food restaurant like Zaxby’s. With just five boneless wings, you’ll have consumed a good portion of your day’s worth of sodium.

❤️ Where is Zaxby’s most popular?

According to data provider ScrapeHero according to data company ScrapeHero, by 2021 Zaxby was present in more than 940 places in 560 cities spread across 17 states. The state that had the most Zaxby’s stores in Georgia with 246 locations, which is around 26% of Zaxby’s stores across the country.

❤️ What kind of wing sauce does Zaxby’s have?

The Boneless Chicken Meal is comprised of five boneless wing pieces tossed in a selection of nine sauces such as Hot Honey Mustard which is a mixture of sweetness Honey Mustard and spicy Tongue Torch. Other sauces are Original, Sweet & Spicy, Teriyaki, Barbecue, Wimpy Tongue Torch Insane, and Nuclear.

❤️ Did Zaxby’s change their chicken?

The tenders of chicken aren’t the same kind of chicken as they used to be. They appear to be a type of processed chicken today. We’ve moved on to different fast food chicken restaurants and recommend doing the same.

❤️ Is Zaxby’s grilled chicken healthy?

Consume This, Not That! The Zaxby’s grilled chicken sandwich has 220 calories, 530 calories, of fat, and 1,510 milligrams of sodium. Although this is an item that is healthier option on the menu, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.

❤️ Is Zaxby’s salad healthy?

Zaxby’s is the hottest American chicken fast food restaurant serving nutritious salads that are healthy for eating. They have a wide selection of salads that you will enjoy eating with confidence. So the next time you’re seeking quick food, Zaxby’s will be your best option for healthy choices.

Zaxby’s Customer Support

Customers prefer those who simplify the lives of their customers simple. It’s frustrating when it’s difficult to just make a purchase from a restaurant chain.

Zaxby’s option to order online allows customers to order anything they like. You can even look up the calories you’re receiving.

When you are at the chain, make sure to look for the nearest Zaxby’s store to see whether they carry what you’re looking for. 

It is crucial to know Zaxby’s opening hours to ensure that you know when they will open and don’t need to visit them again.

In addition to enjoying a great meal, if you’re seeking work, look up careers with Zaxby’s. Work at a place that serves great food. 

If you’re interested, in working there, you can look at the menus available on their website that will provide you with an idea of what to anticipate here.

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