Wingstop Menu Prices [Updated July 2022] ❤️

Wingstop Menu Prices 2022

Would you put aside everything you’re doing in order to enjoy chicken wings? Absolutely, do it with Wingstop chicken wings! 

Chicken wings are so delicious that you’ll be eating it off of your finger and sucking the bones of your chicken to get every last drop. 

Wingstop prices aren’t thought to be affordable, but If you purchase bigger family packs, you will certainly get a bargain!

Wingstop Menu Prices

Wingstop’s popularity doesn’t stop with its delicious chicken wings. You must visit the Wingstop restaurant to experience the full extent of its appeal.

Here are the most up-to-date Wingstop prices for the menu.

Wingstop Menu List 


Wingstop Menu Prices For Special: 60 Cent Boneless Wings

Limited Time

Boneless Wings 10 Pc. $6.00
Boneless Wings 15 Pc. $9.00

Wingstop Menu Prices For Combos

Includes Homemade Side, Dipping Sauce & 20 oz. Drink

Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 6 pc. $7.79
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 8 Pc. $8.89
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 10 Pc. $9.99
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 15 Pc. $17.09

Wingstop Menu Prices For Wing Family Packs<

Choice of Classic, Boneless, or Mix & Match Wings

Family Pack (Up To 3 Flavors, Large Side, 3 Dips & Veggie Sticks) 30 Pc. $26.99
Family Pack (Up To 4 Flavors, Large Side, 4 Dips & 2 Veggie Sticks) 40 Pc. $36.59
Family Pack (Up To 4 Flavors, 2 Large Sides, 4 Dips & 2 Veggie Sticks) 50 Pc. $44.49
Family Pack (Up To 5 Flavors, 3 Large Sides, 6 Dips & 3 Veggie Sticks) 75 Pc. $65.99
Family Pack (Up To 6 Flavors, 4 Large Sides, 8 Dips & 4 Veggie Sticks) 100 Pc. $88.99

Wingstop Menu Prices For Wings 

Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 10 Pc. $8.09
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 15 Pc. $11.99
Classic, Boneless, or Mix & Match Wings 20 Pc. $15.29
Classic, Boneless, or Mix & Match Wings 30 Pc. $22.49
Classic, Boneless, or Mix & Match Wings 50 Pc. $34.49
Classic, Boneless, or Mix & Match Wings 75 Pc. $47.99
Classic, Boneless, or Mix & Match Wings 100 Pc. $65.99

Wingstop Menu Prices For Crispy Tender Combos

Includes Homemade Side, Dipping Sauce & 20 oz. Drink

Crispy Tender Combo 3 Pc. $7.59
Crispy Tender Combo 5 Pc. $9.99
Crispy Tender Combo 8 Pc. $17.99

Wingstop Menu Prices For Crispy Tender Family Packs

Family Pack (Up To 3 Flavors, Large Side, 3 Dips & 1 Veggie Stick) 30 Pc. $26.99
Family Pack (Up To 4 Flavors, 2 Large Sides, 4 Dips & 2 Veggie Sticks) 40 Pc. $36.59
Family Pack (Up To 4 Flavors, 2 Large Sides, 4 Dips & 2 Veggie Sticks) 50 Pc. $44.49
Family Pack (Up To 5 Flavors, 3 Large Sides, 6 Dips & 3 Veggie Sticks) 75 Pc. $65.99
Family Pack (Up To 6 Flavors, 4 Large Sides, 8 Dips & 4 Veggie Sticks) 100 Pc. $88.99

Wingstop Menu Prices For Crispy Tenders By The Piece

Crispy Tenders 4 Pc. $5.99
Crispy Tenders 7 Pc. $8.99
Crispy Tenders 15 Pc. $19.99
Crispy Tenders 20 Pc. $28.99
Crispy Tenders 30 Pc. $38.49

Wingstop Menu Prices For Sides & Dips

Seasoned Fries Regular $1.99
Seasoned Fries Large $3.19
Cheese Fries Regular $2.99
Cheese Fries Large $4.79
Baked Beans Regular $1.99
Baked Beans Large $3.19
Cole Slaw Regular $1.99
Cole Slaw Large $3.19
Potato Salad Regular $1.99
Potato Salad Large $3.19
Fresh Baked Rolls 1 Pc $0.49
Fresh Baked Rolls 6 Pc. $2.49
Fresh Baked Rolls 12 Pc. $3.99
Veggie Sticks (Carrots, Celery or Mix & Match) $0.89
Dips (Creamy Ranch, Chunky Bleu Cheese or Honey Mustard) Regular $0.69
Dips (Creamy Ranch, Chunky Bleu Cheese or Honey Mustard) Large $3.19
Hot Cheddar Cheese Sauce Small $0.99
Hot Cheddar Cheese Sauce Regular $1.99
Hot Cheddar Cheese Sauce Large $3.19
Side of Flavor (Atomic, Mango Habanero, Cajun, Hot, Louisiana Rub, Mild, BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Hawaiian or Teriyaki) $0.79

Wingstop Menu Prices For Drinks

Fountain Soft Drink 20 oz. $1.69
Fountain Soft Drink 32 oz. $1.99
Iced Tea 20 oz. $1.69
Iced Tea 32 oz. $1.99

Wingstop Menu Prices For Add-Ons

Add 5 Smoke9 Classic Wings $4.09
Add 5 Smoke9 Boneless Wings $4.09

What They’re Famous For

Wingstop isn’t really regarded as a fast-food restaurant due to a variety of reasons. One reason is that it believes in freshness and quality in food items in high regard therefore the wings of chicken are cooked on demand. 

The wings are then served hot right from the kitchen, exactly the way they are supposed to be served.

In addition, it does not use the microwave, heating lamp, and bins for holding in the restaurant. 

These appliances can be beneficial to keep food fresh and looking good however, they are also utilized for heating food, too.

It’s true that Wingstop is well-known for its chicken wings. And, in the event that the thousands of satisfied customers are any indication it’s among the most popular chains to enjoy the food.

Histories Of Wingstop Menu  

Wingstop was started by Antonio Swad in 1994, in Garland, Texas. Wingstop was the first franchise to be sold in 1997. 

There are now more than 900 Wingstop locations across all the United States Mexico, Singapore as well as in the Philippines, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates.

 There are many more in the process of development. Wingstop is a publicly-traded corporation that is controlled by Roark Capital Group. It is located in Dallas, TX.

About Wingstop

Chicken wings and more wings! They are the main aspect of Wingstop Restaurants, Inc., a chain of restaurants featuring aviation-themed nostalgia.

The restaurant was designed in the 1930s and 1940s when modern aviation was beginning and was conceived of as a dream.

A group of people founded it in Garland, Texas, in 1994. The chain operated hundreds of stores across Garland, Texas 1994.

It has hundreds of locations across the United States and abroad, while its headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. Since 2010, the chain has been owned by Roark Capital Group, a private investment company.

Despite the change of ownership restaurant’s goal has always been to serve its loyal customers the finest chicken wings.

The menu offers chicken in various forms, including bone-in and boneless wings and chicken strips with a variety of flavors, including Atomic, Original Hot, and Louisiana Rub.

There are also a variety of sides like coleslaw, potato salad, baking beans, French fries, vegetable sticks, and a fresh-baked yeast roll.

The most popular products are bundle packs that include complete meals for one person and family packs designed for larger groups. Each item is, of course, priced at the affordable Wingstop costs.

Wingstop Menu Prices

Review Wingstop Menu  

The Wingstop menu includes wings and strips that start at $6.00 per 10 wings or $6.00 for four strips of just 60 cents for each wing.

The menu has mouth-watering options as combos, which can be customized to meet the client’s requirements in both versions.

The combination includes strip or chicken wings and an ordinary home-cooked side, dip sauce, and a beverage (20oz).

The cost of chicken wings combos ranges from $8.00 to $19.50, dependent on the number of wings you pick, and also the costs of chicken strip combos vary from $8.50 and $22.00 roughly, based contingent on the number of strips you’d like to pack in your bag. It is possible to add side dishes and drinks to the chosen combinations with a couple of dollars.

Each location has Wing Family Packs, which range from $27.50 to $90.00, and again, based on the number of wings you want, The Strips Family Packs are priced between $25.00 and $37.00.

The side dishes comprise French fries with cheddar cheese sauce, potato salad, vegetable sticks, coleslaw, baked beans, and freshly baked yeast rolls.

The dips available at Wingstop include honey mustard, blue cheese, and ranch. This wide range of options for food and short wait times for payment makes this place an ideal eating spot for many, particularly families that are always searching for welcoming surroundings and services and food hygiene and cleanliness.

Wingstop Franchise Information

Wingstop is present in more than 1000 locations around the world. Wingstop has established its mark in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Colombia, and United Arab Emirates.

Wingstop plans to open restaurants in France also. If you’re looking to start your own Wingstop restaurant, here is the amount it will cost.

ame of Fee Cost
Development Fee $10,000
Franchise Fee $20,000
Rent Varies
Security Deposits From $0 to $10,000
Site Survey Fees $2,500
Architectural/Engineering Fees From $6,600 to $25,350
Permit Expeditor Fees From $1,200 to $2,500
Professional Fees From $1,500 to $4,000
Leasehold Improvements From $142,669 to $422,062
Business and Operating Permits From $3,000 to $5,500
Décor Package From $7,500 to $10,925
Furniture, Fixtures, Audio/Visual System, Equipment and Smallwares From $106,395 to $135,790
Point-of-Sale Register, Hardware, and Software From $22,500 to $30,500
Signs From $8,500 to $36,315
Phone System From $1,725 to $2,000
Opening Inventory From $10,000 to $15,000
Opening Publicity and Promotions From $5,000 to $15,000
Additional Funds – 3 months From $25,000 to $35,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL From $374,089 to $782,442

Important Links

Official Website
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Wingstop Contact Information

Wingstop Corporate Office Address- 1101 East Arapaho Road, Suite 150, Richardson, TX  75081

Wingstop Corporate Office Phone Number- 1-972-235-1845

You can also contact the team of Wingstop by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page:

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Wingstop Hours

As many people enjoy having dinner even late in the evening, Wingstop remains open till midnight. 

Its Wingstop Breakfast Hours start at 11.00 AM and run until 12.00 midnight. It is the Wingstop Lunch Hours starts at 12.00 pm and runs until 3.00 4:00 PM.

To make it easier for you to information, we’ve provided you with the daily work schedule of the restaurant:

Monday  11.00 AM to 12.00 AM
Tuesday  11.00 AM to 12.00 AM
Wednesday  11.00 AM to 12.00 AM
Thursday  11.00 AM to 12.00 AM
Friday  11.00 AM to 12.00 AM
Saturday  11.00 AM to 12.00 AM
Sunday  11.00 AM to 12.00 AM

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FAQ Wingstop Menu  

❤️ Who’s the owner of Wingstop?

Charles Loflin has always been a fan of Wingstop. His belief in the idea and the restaurant background inspired him to think about franchising. Never one to shy away from risk, Charles was the first to open Wingstop outside of Dallas, Texas, in 1998.

❤️ What day is 50 cent wings at Wingstop?

Don’t be forgetting that Tuesdays and Mondays offer fifty Cent Boneless Wings in participating locations! You can order ahead through the Wingstop nearest to you or by visiting

❤️ What day are wings cheaper at Wingstop?

You can save each week Tuesdays and Mondays at Wingstop with our 60-cent boneless wings offer. Some locations in America U.S. offer this amazing offer, so don’t feel sad at the end of your weekend.

❤️ How good are Wingstop wings?

In the midst of hot, sour carnage, there is a winner: Wingstop. In a somewhat surprising game, Wingstop is overwhelmingly preferred by wine enthusiasts who love it. 

Overall the wings are juicy and the flavors are intense and accurate and free of the overly sweet or salty flavor of BWW.

❤️ Why are wings so expensive?

There are a variety of causes to explain the increase. The cost of commodities has risen due to the outbreak’s supply chain disruptions as well as hiring problems, but chicken wings, which have an intensive manufacturing process are particularly susceptible to economic difficulties caused due to the coronavirus epidemic.

❤️ Are wings healthy?

Based on EU Poultry, wings have nearly no carbohydrates and are high in amounts of protein. The meat itself is rich in quantities of vitamins A E, D, and K, as well as a broad variety of minerals that are important, such as calcium and iron.

❤️ What is Wingstop Original Hot?

Wingstop Original Hot Sauce Wingstop’s authentic hot sauce is redder than the majority of buffalo wings sauces.
These are usually made by mixing Frank’s RedHot sauce with butter that has been melted. It’s all you have to add a few additional ingredients, such as butter, and you’ll be ready to sauté your wings.

Bottom Lines

Wingstop offers delicious chicken wings. With over 1000 locations open, Wingstop is an ever-growing brand that is constantly sought-after by its customers because of its high-end quality and outstanding customer service. 

The brand’s slogan is “we are not just about the wings. We serve your flavors”. Since the restaurant serves distinctive flavors of wings and additional side dishes, Wingstop is a perfect choice for a favorite restaurant, particularly during special occasions.

The atmosphere and friendly staff make it more appealing. Keep checking for the most current Wingstop menu prices as they change.

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