Tokyo Tokyo Menu Price 2022 ❤️

Tokyo Menu Price 2022

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Price: Are you aware of what bento means? If not, I’ll show you. Bento is a delicious takeaway food for one person which is extremely popular in Japan. 

Are you hungry for bento right now and wish to treat you and your loved ones with an amazing payday treat? If yes, then you must visit Tokyo Tokyo Restaurant.

Tokyo offers one of the most delicious and diverse varieties of ramen. The menu is comprised of maki, donburi, and bento desserts, as well as drinks. If you’re dining with your family members, you can request a group meal.

Before you travel there Before you go, I’ll inform you of the information that will include the most current Tokyo Tokyo menu, franchise information, contact details as well as nutritional information for the food items available by Tokyo Tokyo.

Tokyo Menu Price

Let’s begin with the history first. Tokyo Tokyo is a Japanese fast food restaurant established on April 22, 1985, founded with the help of Tokugawa Ieyasu. 

The first restaurant he started was in the Quad car park in Makati. There are more than 68 restaurants across the world with their headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines.

The people who love going to Tokyo Tokyo because it is the only Japanese restaurant serving unlimited rice along with its food items.   

Tokyo Tokyo Menu 2022

Menu Item Price

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Donburi

Chicken Oyakodon with Red Iced Tea ₱150.00
Pork Katsudon with Red Iced Tea ₱150.00
Beef Gyudon with Red Iced Tea ₱210.00
Salmon Teriyaki Donburi with Red Iced Tea ₱250.00
Chicken Oyakodon ₱110.00
Pork Katsudon ₱110.00
Beef Gyudon ₱170.00
Salmon Teriyaki Donburi ₱210.00
Chicken Menchi Katsu Donburi with Red Iced Tea ₱144.00
Chicken Karaage Donburi with Red Iced Tea ₱144.00
Pork Tonkatsu Donburi with Red Iced Tea ₱144.00
Gyoza Donburi ₱80.00
Chicken Menchi Katsu Donburi ₱104.00
Chicken Karaage Donburi ₱104.00
Pork Tonkatsu Donburi ₱104.00
Gyoza Donburi with Red Iced Tea ₱120.00

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Ramen

Seafood Ramen ₱220.00
Seafood Ramen Special Upgrade ₱290.00
Seafood Ramen Premium Upgrade ₱300.00
Spicy Chicken Ramen ₱190.00
Spicy Chicken Ramen Special Upgrade ₱260.00
Spicy Chicken Ramen Premium Upgrade ₱270.00
Braised Pork Ramen ₱190.00
Braised Pork Ramen Premium Upgrade ₱270.00
Braised Pork Ramen Special Upgrade ₱260.00

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Maki & Sides

4pc California Maki ₱80.00
Mixed Maki Ultimate Pary Tray ₱550.00
8pc California Maki ₱120.00
8pc Tempura Dragon Maki ₱160.00
Cheesy California Crunch Sushi Bake ₱360.00
Salmon Teriyaki Sushi Bake ₱560.00
Miso Soup ₱50.00
Rice ₱35.00

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Bestseller Trays

Mixed Beef Misono & Chicken Teriyaki Tray ₱1,400.00
All Fried Ultimate Party Tray ₱1,400.00
All Grilled Ultimate Party Tray ₱1,400.00
Mixed Pork Tonkatsu & Chicken Karaage Tray ₱1,400.00
24pc California Maki Tray ₱330.00
All Beef Misono Tray ₱1300.00
All Chicken Teriyaki Tray ₱1300.00
All Chicken Karaage Tray ₱1300.00
All Pork Tonkatsu Tray ₱1300.00
Rice Tray ₱350.00
Chicken Menchi Katsu Tray ₱1300.00
Wagyu Rice Tray ₱550.00

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Imperial Feast

Tokyo Fried Chicken Feast for 4 ₱870.00
Orange Yuzu Feast for 4 ₱870.00
Wings Feast for 4 ₱870.00
Imperial Feast for 4 ₱830.00

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Platters

4pc Prawn Tempura Platter ₱225.00
4pc Tokyo Fried Chicken Platter ₱495.00
6pc Prawn Tempura Platter ₱300.00
Beef Misono Platter ₱240.00
Best Chicken Teriyaki Platter ₱325.00
Pork Tonkatsu Platter ₱290.00
9pc Orange Yuzu Chicken Platter ₱270.00
6pc Chicken Karaage Platter ₱160.00
6pc Orange Yuzu Chicken Platter ₱220.00
9pc Chicken Karaage Platter ₱230.00
9pc Honey Chicken Teriyaki Platter ₱270.00
6pc Sriracha Tokyo Wings Platter ₱235.00
6pc Teriyaki Tokyo Wings Platter ₱235.00
6pc Wasabi Cheese Tokyo Wings Platter ₱235.00
12pc Tokyo Wings Sampler Platter ₱460.00
4pc Chicken Menchi Katsu Platter ₱365.00
12pc Chicken Karaage Platter ₱290.00

Tokyo Menu Ready To Cook Packs

Ready-to-Cook Beef Misono ₱700.00
Ready-to-Cook Beef Yakiniku ₱350.00
Ready-to-Cook Chicken Gyoza ₱200.00
Ready-to-Cook Chicken Karaage ₱400.00

Popular Food on Tokyo Tokyo Menu

Tokyo offers delectable Japanese food for all levels of taste buds. From traditional bowls of ramen to your favorite sushi rolls to beef misono, pork tonkatsu bento meals, prawn tempura, to red iced tea, there’s something for everyone on the Tokyo Tokyo menu!

Tokyo Delivery in the Philippines

With over 80 outlets across the Philippines, Tokyo Tokyo can deliver food directly to your doorstep or office near its restaurants. If you want to try out the delicious Japanese cuisine from the Tokyo Tokyo Menu, you can order them from the various food delivery apps that you can download.

Tokyo Tokyo is available at GrabFood and FoodPanda (available in Google Play and App Store). You can also get the best discounts on these apps.

Tokyo also delivers through its delivery hotline number #86596 and through its website.

If you want to give feedback or have any questions, you may drop a message on their social media pages or via email at

Tokyo Menu Prices

About  Tokyo Tokyo

Tokyo Tokyo is the number one  Japanese fast-food chain restaurant in the Philippines. 

April 1985, the first branch of Tokyo Tokyo open at the Quad car park in Makati that offers Japanese dishes people love their taste, and quality, and value the menu that serves with real ingredients. 

Because they value the quality of food so rapidly grows in the market. Now Tokyo Tokyo opens many branches at different locations and is ranked no 1 Japanese restaurant in the country.

In 2018, the first branch of Tokyo Tokyo open in the Philippines.

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