The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices [Updated 2022] ❤️

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices 2022

The Keg menu is priced for the Keg chain of restaurants that was founded in Canada and was located within an industrial structure located in British Columbia in 1971. 

Keg Steakhouse Keg Steakhouse is an informal dining steakhouse that serves the best-cut steak and mouthwatering food items. 

The Keg currently has restaurants across all Canadian provinces as well as 5 American states.

The restaurant is highly recognized for its fresh and delicious meals and food items that are prepared entirely from scratch. 

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices

In the restaurants, guests are greeted with the feeling of being at home and relaxed and provide a pleasant dining experience. It is also renowned for its delicious food.

The keg is also well-known for its delicious and tender steaks, especially their Kansas City strip, which is bone-in New York striploin.

The Keg Steakhouse Menu 


The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices For Keg Classics

Top Sirloin $18.95
Teriyaki Sirloin $18.95
Filet Mignon $29.45
New York $29.45
Prime Rib $22.95

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices For Ribs

Bbq Ribs $23.95
Chicken & Ribs $20.95

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices For Steak + Seafood

Sirloin Oscar $26.95
Steak & Crab $29.95
Steak & Cajun Shrimp $25.95
Steak & Lobster $34.95

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices For Fish

Pistachio Crusted Salmon $20.95
Pan-Seared Arctic Char $22.45
Sesame Tuna $24.95

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices For Chicken

Oven Roasted $19.45
Bacon-Wrapped $22.95
Sweet Thai $20.45

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices For Starters

Escargot $6.95
Mushrooms Neptune $7.95
Shrimp Cocktail $9.95
Baked Garlic Shrimp $7.95
Crispy Fried Cauliflower $6.95
Scallops & Bacon $8.95
Calamari $8.95
Tuna Tartare $9.95
Baked Brie $6.95

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices For Salads+Soups

Keg Caesar $5.95
Mixed Greens $5.95
Iceberg Wedge $5.95
Heirloom Tomato + Burrata $5.95
Lobster & Shrimp Salad $5.95
French Onion Soup $5.95
Wild Mushroom Soup $6.95
Charred Corn Soup $5.95
Santa Fe Chicken Salad $6.95
Steakhouse Salad $6.95
Cobb Salad $5.95

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices For Casual Plates

Keg Burger $9.55
Tuna Tacos $8.95
Cauliflower Steak $11.95
Prime Rib Sliders $10.45
Fried Chicken $10.95
Halibut & Chips $9.55

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices For Steak + Prime Ribs

Prime Rib $18.95
Bleu Cheese Filet $26.45
Rib Steak $26.95
Baseball Top Sirloin $22.95
Peppercorn New York $26.95
Sirloin Oscar $26.95

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices For Kids

Chicken Strips $4.45
Bbq Grilled Chicken $5.95
Keg Mini Burgers $5.45
Shaved Prime Rib Sliders $5.45
Kids Sirloin $5.95
Keg Fries $3.45
Caesar Salad $2.95
Seasonal Vegetables $2.45

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices For Smoothies

Burst Oberry $2.45
Just Peachy $2.45

The Keg Steakhouse Menu Prices For Dessert

Billy Miner Pie $4.45
Cheesecake $4.45
Brownie Sundae $4.95
Ice Cream $4.45
Crème Brulée $4.95
Sweet Minis $4.95
Fudge Brownie $3.45
Mini Crème Brûlée $3.45


George Tidball founded the first Keg Steakhouse (then called “The Keg and Clever”) in the year 1971 located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. 

The initial location was a tiny space in the basement of an old industrial structure. From its beginnings, it has been a thriving business and they attribute this success to three fundamental principles: excellent food, exceptional service, and an inviting environment. 

In 1987, it was an affiliated company to Whitbread PLC, a large brewery and hospitality company. 45 years later, the Keg Steakhouse remains growing and flourishing and patrons continue to visit them due to the high quality of food and service they’ve offered over the years remains constant to this day.

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The Key Steakhouse Corporate Phone Number- 604.276.0242

You can also contact the team of The Keg Steakhouse by using the contact form on their website.

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