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Subway Menu Prices 2022

Subway Menu Prices: Subway is a fast-food restaurant that sells sandwiches and salads. Subway is considered one of the healthiest fast food options.

Sub sandwiches are available in two sizes: 6-inch and 12-inch. Also known as footlong, 6-inch Prices for Subway Menu

The subs that are footlong are more affordable than the regular ones. You can view a catering menu here. Here are the Subway Catering prices.

Over 35,000 Subway restaurants are located in more than 100 countries. Subway is quickly gaining popularity due to the health-conscious consumer of the 21st Century.

Subway Menu Prices

Popular food

Apart from sandwich selection, Subway Menu also offers an extensive selection of drinks and baked goods, as well as salads as well as the meat (in sandwich form) as well as Subway Menu Prices, which are totally affordable.

Over the years, Subway has established itself as a trusted brand in the fast-food market that offers healthy, fresh, and custom-made food.

Some of the most famous food items available at Subway are Big Philly Cheesesteak footlong as well as Black Forest Ham – Footlong.

Thanks to its efficient services and nutritious meals, Subway has today become the biggest fast-food company worldwide.

The secret to its success in attracting customers from all over the world is its menu, which is so simple that it includes coffee and sandwiches, yet it is so universally appealing.

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Subway Menu Prices

Food Size Price

Subway Menu Prices For All Sandwiches

Ultimate Steak Footlong $11.49
Ultimate Steak Six Inch $7.29
Meatball Marinara Footlong $7.29
Meatball Marinara Six Inch $4.99
Spicy Italian Footlong $8.49
Spicy Italian Six Inch $5.99
B.L.T Footlong $8.49
B.L.T Six Inch $5.29
Black Forest Ham Footlong $6.49
Black Forest Ham Six Inch $4.99
Chicken Caesar Melt Footlong $7.79
Chicken Caesar Melt Six Inch $4.79
Cold Cut Combo Footlong $4.99
Cold Cut Combo Six Inch $3.99
Italian B.M.T. Footlong $8.49
Italian B.M.T. Six Inch $5.29
Meatball Marinara Footlong $5.29
Meatball Marinara Six Inch $3.99
Pizza Sub Melt Footlong $7.49
Pizza Sub Melt Six Inch $4.99
Roast Beef Footlong $9.49
Roast Beef Six Inch $6.29
Rotisserie-Style Chicken Footlong $8.49
Rotisserie-Style Chicken Six Inch $5.29
Rotisserie-Style Chicken & Bacon Melt Footlong $9.49
Rotisserie-Style Chicken & Bacon Melt Six Inch $6.29
Spicy Italian Footlong $6.49
Spicy Italian Six Inch $4.99
Steak & Cheese Footlong $9.49
Steak & Cheese Six Inch $6.29
Subway Club Footlong $9.49
Subway Club Six Inch $6.29
Subway Melt Footlong $9.49
Subway Melt Six Inch $6.29
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Footlong $8.49
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Six Inch $5.29
Tuna Footlong $8.49
Tuna Six Inch $5.29
Turkey & Bacon Guacamole Footlong $11.49
Turkey Breast Footlong $8.49
Turkey Breast Six Inch $5.29
Veggie Delite Footlong $4.99
Veggie Delite Six Inch $3.49

Subway Menu Prices For Signature Wraps

B.L.T. Signature Wrap $6.99
Black Forest Ham Signature Wrap $6.99
Cold Cut Combo Signature Wrap $6.99
Italian B.M.T. Signature Wrap $6.99
Meatball Marinara Signature Wrap $6.99
Roast Beef Signature Wrap $6.99
Rotisserie-Style Chicken Signature Wrap $6.99
Savory Rotisserie-Style Chicken Caesar Signature Wrap $6.99
Spicy Italian Signature Wrap $6.99
Steak & Cheese Signature Wrap $7.49
Subway Club Signature Wrap $6.99
Subway Melt Signature Wrap $6.99
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Signature Wrap $6.99
Tuna Signature Wrap $6.99
Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham Signature Wrap $6.99
Turkey Breast Signature Wrap $6.99
Turkey Italiano Melt Signature Wrap $6.99
Turkey, Bacon & Guacamole Signature Wrap $7.29
Veggie Delite Signature Wrap $5.99

Subway Menu Prices For Breakfast

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Signature Wrap $6.99
Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese Signature Wrap $6.99
Egg & Cheese Signature Wrap $6.99
Steak, Egg & Cheese Signature Wrap $6.99
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Footlong $6.49
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Six Inch $4.29
Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese Footlong $6.49
Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese Six Inch $4.29
Breakfast B.M.T. Melt Footlong $6.49
Breakfast B.M.T. Melt Six Inch $4.29
Egg & Cheese Footlong $4.99
Egg & Cheese Six Inch $3.99
Steak, Egg & Cheese Footlong $6.48
Steak, Egg & Cheese Six Inch $4.29
Sunrise Subway Melt Footlong $6.49
Sunrise Subway Melt Six Inch $4.29

Subway Menu Prices For Fresh Fit

Rotisserie-Style Chicken Footlong $8.49
Rotisserie-Style Chicken Six Inch $5.29
Black Forest Ham Footlong $6.49
Black Forest Ham Six Inch $4.99
Roast Beef Footlong $9.49
Roast Beef Six Inch $6.29
Subway Club Footlong $9.49
Subway Club Six Inch $6.29
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Footlong $8.49
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Six Inch $5.29
Turkey Breast Footlong $8.49
Turkey Breast Six Inch $5.29
Veggie Delite Footlong $4.99
Veggie Delite Six Inch $3.49

Subway Menu Prices For Kids’ Meal

Black Forest Ham $4.99
Roast Beef $4.99
Turkey Breast $4.99
Veggie Delite $4.99

Subway Menu Prices For Chopped Salads

Chicken Caesar $6.49
Pizza Sub $7.48
Rotisserie-Style Chicken $7.78
Rotisserie-Style Chicken & Bacon $8.78
B.L.T. $7.78
Turkey & Bacon Guacamole $9.28
Black Forest Ham $7.78
Chicken & Bacon Ranch $8.78
Cold Cut Combo $6.48
Italian B.M.T. $7.78
Meatball Marinara $6.48
Roast Beef $8.78
Spicy Italian $7.78
Steak & Cheese $8.78
Subway Club $8.78
Subway Melt $8.78
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki $7.78
Tuna $7.78
Turkey Breast $7.78
Veggie Delite $5.98

Subway Menu Prices For Sliders

Ham and Jack $1.89
Italian Spice $1.89
Little Cheesesteak $2.39
Little Turkey $2.19

Subway Menu Prices For Sides

Apple Sauce $1.49
Chips $1.49
Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.59
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $0.59
Double Chocolate Cookie $0.59
White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie $0.59
Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookie $0.59

Subway Menu Prices For Drinks

Coffee $1.29
Fountain Drinks 20 oz $1.89
Fountain Drinks 30 oz $1.99
Fountain Drinks 40 oz $2.19
Dasani Water $2.19
X2 All Natural Energy Raspberry $2.49
Gatorade Lemon Lime $2.19
Honest Kids $1.19
Gatorade Fruit Punch $2.19
X2 All Natural Energy Strawberry Kiwi $2.49
X2 All Natural Energy Fruit Punch $2.49
Cool Blue $2.19
Bottled Beverage $2.19
1% Low Fat Milk $1.79
Juices $1.99

Subway Menu Prices For Flatizzas

Cheese Flatizza $3.50
Pepperoni Flatizza $3.50
Spicy Italian Flatizza $3.50
Veggie Flatizza $3.50

Subway Catering Menu Prices 2022

Subway (stylized under the brand name of SUBWAY) catering serves salads and sub sandwiches along with additional food options. Sub sandwiches come in two sizes: 12 and 6 inches. 

The prices for 6-inch sandwiches are inexpensive, however, if prefer a larger one, it’s definitely a better price. The chain also offers sandwiches, and baked goods such as muffins, cookies, and doughnuts.

There are more than 41,000 subway eateries in more than 100 countries around the world as per the information available as of December 31, 2015. 

Subway has rapidly gained popularity thanks to the growth of health-conscious customers of the 21st century.

Subways offer a variety of locations all over the world and provide an array of healthy meals. That’s why you can choose catering services for any event: lunch for business, meetings with colleagues, a sports celebration, or family gathering.


Subway Catering Menu Price For Giant Subs

3 ft. serves 10-12 people, 6 ft. serves 20-25 people

Giant Sub 3 ft. $51.99
Giant Sub 6 ft. $99.98
Giant Sub 9 ft. $149.97
Giant Sub 12 ft. $199.96
Giant Sub 15 ft. $249.95
Giant Sub 18 ft. $299.94
Giant Sub 21 ft. $349.93
Giant Sub 24 ft. $399.92
Giant Sub 27 ft. $449.91

Subway Catering Menu Price For Sandwich Platters

Serves 5-9 people

Classic Combo Platter $39.99
Customize Your Own Platter $39.99
Flavor Craver Platter $39.99
Subway Fresh Fit Platter $39.99

Subway Catering Menu Price For Other Platters

Meat and Cheese Platter $43.99
Toppings Platter $12.49

Subway Catering Menu Price For Signature Wrap Platters

Classic Signature Wrap Platter $56.99
Custom Signature Wrap Platter $56.99
Savory Signature Wrap Platter $56.99

Subway Catering Menu Price For Specialty Items

Boxed meals include a sub sandwich, 1 cookie, 1 side, and a napkin. The minimum order requirement is 8 meals.

SUBWAY TO GO! Wrap Meal $8.99
SUBWAY TO GO! Meal 6 in. $6.99
SUBWAY TO GO! Meal 12 in. $8.99

Subway Catering Menu Price For Side Items

Chips $1.19

Subway Catering Menu Price For Desserts

Cookies 12 Pc. $6.49
Cookie Platter $18.99

Subway Catering Menu Price For Drinks

Coca Cola Classic $1.99
Vitaminwater XXX $1.99
Dasani Water $1.99

What is Subway?

Subway offers “sub” sandwiches, salads, and soft drinks. Subway is one of the most popular franchises worldwide, with over 42700 restaurants across 108 countries. It is the most popular restaurant chain worldwide.

Subway sandwiches can be found in almost every major city around the globe. This chain is known for its healthy and fast food.

If you like, it’s a healthy fast food restaurant. Although most people see the Subway sandwich menu well, they are not likely to remember it. You can find the Subway sandwich menu and prices here.

Subway Menu Prices

What They’re Famous For

It’s no surprise that Subway is known for its huge selection of sub sandwiches! Customers can select from the menu set out or design their own subs.

There are more than two million options to choose from using the ingredients available, as well. The breads, the meats, vegetables as well as the cheeses and spices are able to be mixed and mixed to your heart’s desire, and the people who make the assemblers won’t even be surprised by bizarre combinations.

About Subway

Subway is the product of two people who simply wanted to build an eating place for the people. Peter Buck was a soon-to-be physicist and lent funds to his buddy Fred DeLuca. 

DeLuca was a young man only 17 years old trying to get through college. The partnership was founded in the first brick-and-mortar building in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The first and most famous items sold by Subway were named in honor of Peter Buck. “Peter’s Super Submarines” was one of the first menu items.

Following their initial success in opening a second location in the year 1966, Buck and DeLuca saw the first franchises offered to their company in 1974.

The company will grow to be able to serve 40,000 locations across the globe. Following the death of Fred DeLuca in 2015, the company will be overseen by Suzanne Greco. Suzanne is Fred’s sibling. The company isn’t yet public.

Subway is a restaurant that serves a variety of kinds of sandwiches. The word “subway” is derived from their “submarine” sandwich. 

It is also known as a hoagie or an Italian sandwich. It’s made of cut Italian rolls, stuffed with various meats, veggies cheese, and other condiments.

Subway’s prices for their menus are based on how fresh their items are. Subway was assisted by Jared Fogle, who claimed that Subway sandwiches helped him lose weight.


If you visit a Subway establishment, you’ll be welcomed by an employee of their welcoming staff, which is professional, or a “Subway Sandwich Artist” as they’re referred to. 

Their most popular product is their submarine sandwich which is available in a variety of choices. 

You must first decide the size you want to want, 6in or 12in, then choose the type of bread 9-grain wheat 9-grain honey-oat, 9 grain Italian, Italian, and herb, and lastly, the type of filling you prefer Chicken and bacon ranch melt as well as steak and cheese, vegetable patties, tuna, Italian B.M.T and their marinara with meatballs. 

The sandwich maker will make your sandwich right before you, and exactly to the specifications you provide.

If you’re not looking to eat Subs, they have a variety of salads, wraps as well as baked goods, cold and hot drinks. 

If you’re to the restaurant in the morning, they offer a delicious breakfast menu. The facilities are clean and tidy with a contemporary feel. every location offers a range of informal seating areas for those who want to dine inside the premises. 

Wait times have been dramatically reduced at the chain due to their efficient service-line manner of food preparation, meaning that you’ll receive your food quickly and in a hot and delicious.

Another factor that makes this brand loved by customers is its affordable price. Prices typically range from between $3 and $5 per 6-inch sub or $5-$8 for a 12-in “footlong” sub. In 2008, they launched the concept of a ‘five-dollar footlong’.

they immediately realized the popularity of the offer. So, as of 2011, across the US they have been offering their “five dollars footlong daily value meal’, which makes the chain more affordable for those who are on a budget.

Subway has maintained its position as the biggest fast-food chain by providing healthy, fresh, inexpensive food; quick efficient, friendly service, and constantly striving to improve their product to their clients. 

Subway has stores across 111 countries. Judging by their popularity and speed of expansion, it will not take long before there’s an underground in every nation in the world.

Subway Menu Prices

Subway Franchising Details

Subway operates 44,800 restaurants worldwide in over 100 countries. It is also the most popular restaurant chain worldwide. 

It has many locations around the world, including in the United Kingdom, India, and United States.

This is the price you will pay to open a Subway restaurant.

If you want to open a Subway store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Name of Fee Cost
Initial Franchise Fee $15,000
Real Property From $2,000 to $12,000
Leasehold Improvements From $40,900 to $200,000
Equipment Lease Security Deposit From $7,500 to $15,500
Optional Security System From $2,450 to $3,550
Freight Charges (varies by location) From $3,000 to $14,000
Outside Signage From $1,600 to $8,000
Opening Inventory From $4,400 to $6,050
Insurance From $1,200 to $5,000
Supplies From $500 to $1,300
Training Expenses (including travel & lodging) From $2,500 to $4,500
Legal and Accounting From $1,000 to $3,500
Opening Advertising From $2,500 to $4,000
Miscellaneous Expenses (business license, utility deposits & small equipment) From $4,000 to $8,000
Additional Funds – three months From $12,000 to $42,000
Estimated Total From $100,550 to $342,400

Important Links

Official Website
Gift Card
Sign Up

Subway Contact Information

Subway Corporate Office Address- 325 Bic Drive, Milford, Connecticut 06461

Subway Corporate Phone Number- (203) 877-4281

You can also contact the team of Subway by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page:

Instagram Account:

Twitter Handle:

YouTube Channel:

Subway FAQ

❤️ What Time Is Subway Opened? __S.1__

Subway is open from 7 a.m. on Monday to Sunday. You should verify this time with the nearest Subway.

❤️ What Time Does Subway Close?

Subway closes at 10:00 p.m. on Monday through Sunday. Your location may affect hours.

❤️ What Year Was The First Year Of Subway Foundation? __S.1__

Subway was established in 1969. To start his business, Fred DeLuca borrowed money from a friend. They expanded their business a few years later, and Subway was born.

❤️ Where Was The First Subway Opened?

Bridgeport, Connecticut was the first location of Subway. Subway is known for its salads, subs, and sandwiches. Subway’s slogan, “Eat Fresh”, is a great one. Each menu item should be prepared fresh every day for customers.

❤️ Who Owns Subway?

Subway is owned by Doctor’s Associates Inc. The franchise continues to grow. Don’t worry though, Doctor’s Associates Inc. has no partnership with any medical institution.

❤️ How Many Subway Restaurants Are There?

There are 42,000 Subway restaurants worldwide in 111 countries. __S.16__

❤️ Who Start Subway? __S.18__

Subway was founded by Fred DeLuca, Peter Buck, and Peter Buck. Doctor’s Associates Inc was established by the duo to manage their franchise. The duo also wanted to make a living from the company in order to help pay for their school.

❤️ How Did Subway Get Its Name?

Fred DeLuca borrowed $1000 from Peter Buck to give Subway its name. The original name of “Pete’s Submarines”, was changed to “Pete’s Submarines” after one of the most popular sandwiches, the “submarine sandwich.”

❤️ What Time Does Subway Serve Lunch?

Subway serves lunch all day. While many stores are open all day, some may close at specific times. It would be great to check the location nearest Subway.

❤️ What Kind Of Bread Does Subway Have?

Subway has a variety of different bread, including white bread, flatbread, whole grain, wraps, and a variety of 9 Grain Honey Oat and Parmesan Oregano bread.

❤️ How To Order At Subway:

The worker will first show you the menu and then ask you to order when you are ready. You will need to tell them what size bread you prefer (either six-inch or long), which meat(s) you would like, and how many condiments and vegetables you’d like. 

You can also tell them whether you would like your order to be a combination meal or add chips, drinks, or desserts at the end. __S.6__

❤️ What Kind Of Vinegar does Subway Use?

Subway uses Red Wine Vinegar. Subway states that this vinegar has a pH of 5%.

❤️ What Kind Of Oil Does Subway Use?

Subway mostly uses canola oil, but sometimes it is a blend of 10% olive oil.

❤️ What Kind Of Cheese Does Subway Have?

Subway offers a variety of cheeses. There are American Cheese, Provolone, and Pepper Jack as well as Swiss, Cheddar Cheese, and a Monterey Mix.

❤️ What Time Does Subway Stop Serving Breakfast?

Subway will stop serving breakfast at 11:00 am. Eggs are then removed in preparation for lunch orders. Be sure to check based on where you are located.


The Menu and Price List of Subway are accurate as of the current information available. Since we cannot ensure the accuracy of the information Subway’s Menu and Prices are subject to change. Subway can change its Menu and prices at any time. 

Therefore, make sure to keep checking to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

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