Smokey Bones Menu Whit Prices 2022 ❤️

Smokey Bones Menu Whit Prices 2022

The Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill menu offers a wide variety of delicious food, including appetizers, wings, and salads. They also offer soups as starters. You can also enjoy delicious burgers, BBQ platters, and pasta.

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill also offers crunchy chicken, seafood, and grilled sirloin. You can also find healthy sandwiches for children, as well as delicious drinks and a wonderful dessert.

Smokey Bones Bar and Fire Grill has the best pork and grills pork for up to 11 hours every night. Their staff is friendly and very helpful. Their restaurant has a lively atmosphere with loud music at the back.

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill’s prices are very reasonable compared to other restaurants. You can get a meal for as low as $30.00. Let’s not wait, let’s look at the latest Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill Menu prices.


Smokey Bones’ history is quite interesting. There have been many twists and management changes. The casual restaurant was not always casual. 

It was actually a barbeque restaurant. But times change. Darden Restaurants was the original creator of the restaurant concept.

Darden Restaurants is a publicly-traded corporation. It is the owner of chains such as Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse. The company created a sports bar-type restaurant in 1997. Smokey Bones was the result. 

It featured an Appalachian-inspired ambiance and barbeque food. Orlando was the first location for this restaurant.

New changes were made to the Smokey franchise in May 2007. Darden stated that the company would either sell the franchise or close it down. 

Who would save the chain from invisibility, and how much would it cost to do so? Barbeque Integrated Inc., an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners, purchased the franchise.

This new owner changed the look of the company. Sun Capital revamped the concept to attract new customers. The franchise became a Bar and Fire Grill instead of a Barbeque. 

The new design was unveiled in August 2008. The new design was redesigned from the menu to uniforms. There are now 67 restaurants located in the eastern United States.


Over the years, the menu at Smokey Bones changed. There are many options for you to choose from. There are wings and zesty barbecued ribs. 

The menu includes a variety of seafood and chicken options. Fish and Chips would make a great meal. The Baby Back Ribs option sounds great.

The prices for the different foods are a little higher than in other restaurants. The Smokehouse burger costs $12.00 You can add bread or toppings to this burger. 

A few options for side dishes are available that aren’t too costly, like the natural cut fries and cinnamon apples. These options are only $2.00 each.

There are some issues with the hygiene of the franchise. Some restaurants have been reported to be home to roaches. 

This service could be improved. Customers are complaining about slow service and inept behavior. There are many wait times, but restaurants will be busy during lunch, dinner, and weekends.

There are many locations in the eastern United States. This chain can best be described as a regional power. There are 67 units total. There are three locations:

Georgia, Maryland, and Florida. It is reminiscent of a sports bar. You can expect loud TVs, talking, and constant shuffling of dishes. Perfect for extraverted people!

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Smokey Bones Corporate Office Address: Address: 8529 Southpark Center Loop # 250 Orlando, FL 32819 United States

Smokey Bones Corporate Office Phone Number: 1 407-363-1972

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What was Smokey Bones once called?

Smokey Bones Bar and Grill are still known as Smokey Bones Bar and Grill due to the fact that they still offer both a Bar Menu and a food menu at their restaurants.

What are the best places to smokey bones?

Smokey Bones currently has around 55-60 restaurants. This is a decrease from the 100+ restaurants that were part of their Original parent company a few years ago.

What time does Smokey Bones close its doors?

Smokey Bones is closed from Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 am to midnight. They are open until 01:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Few restaurants are open until 02:00 AM, while others close at 12:00 AM every day.

Which is Smokey Bones’ best food?

If you’re looking for a lunch or dinner menu, their USDA-approved Sirloin steak and New York Strip are great choices. Many love Smokey Bones Triple Stack Burger.

Are there Smokey Bones locations?

To locate the nearest Smokey Bones location and place orders online, you can use their website’s location finder.

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