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Quiznos Menu Prices 2022

Quiznos Menu Prices: Quiznos is a fast-food restaurant that serves primarily sub sandwiches, but they offer other food items that are available, including flatbreads, salads, and soups. 

Quiznos costs tend to be slightly higher than Subway’sprices, but it depends on the way you compare them since the size of the subs differ.

Quiznos Menu Prices

Quiznos is the second-largest sub-sandwich restaurant, after Subway. It has more than 4,000 locations across the globe, spread across countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and United Kingdom.

Below is the most recent Quiznos price list.

Quiznos Menu 


Quiznos Menu Prices For Chicken Subs

Mesquite Chicken Small $5.25
Mesquite Chicken Regular $7.25
Mesquite Chicken Large $9.25
Carbonara Chicken Small $5.25
Carbonara Chicken Regular $7.25
Carbonara Chicken Large $9.25
Baja Chicken Small $5.25
Baja Chicken Regular $7.25
Baja Chicken Large $9.25
Honey Mustard Chicken Small $5.25
Honey Mustard Chicken Regular $7.25
Honey Mustard Chicken Large $9.25
Pesto Caesar Chicken Small $5.25
Pesto Caesar Chicken Regular $7.25
Pesto Caesar Chicken Large $9.25

Quiznos Menu Prices For Steak Subs

Peppercorn Steak Small $5.50
Peppercorn Steak Regular $7.50
Peppercorn Steak Large $9.50
Black Angus Steak Small $5.50
Black Angus Steak Regular $7.50
Black Angus Steak Large $9.50
Steak Bacon & Swiss Small $5.50
Steak Bacon & Swiss Regular $7.50
Steak Bacon & Swiss Large $9.50
Chipotle Steak & Cheddar Small $5.50
Chipotle Steak & Cheddar Regular $7.50
Chipotle Steak & Cheddar Large $9.50

Quiznos Menu Prices For Deli Subs

Classic Italian Small $5.00
Classic Italian Regular $7.00
Classic Italian Large $9.00
The Traditional Small $5.00
The Traditional Regular $7.00
The Traditional Large $9.00
Tuna Small $5.00
Tuna Regular $7.00
Tuna Large $9.00
Veggie Guacamole Small $5.00
Veggie Guacamole Regular $7.00
Veggie Guacamole Large $9.00
Honey Bacon Club Small $5.00
Honey Bacon Club Regular $7.00
Honey Bacon Club Large $9.00
Italian Meatball Small $5.00
Italian Meatball Regular $7.00
Italian Meatball Large $9.00
Lobster & Seafood Small $5.50
Lobster & Seafood Regular $7.50
Lobster & Seafood Large $9.50

Quiznos Menu Prices For Turkey Subs

Turkey Ranch & Swiss Small $5.00
Turkey Ranch & Swiss Regular $7.00
Turkey Ranch & Swiss Large $9.00
Turkey Bacon Guacamole Small $5.00
Turkey Bacon Guacamole Regular $7.00
Turkey Bacon Guacamole Large $9.00
Ultimate Turkey Club Small $5.00
Ultimate Turkey Club Regular $7.00
Ultimate Turkey Club Large $9.00
Chipotle Turkey Small $5.00
Chipotle Turkey Regular $7.00
Chipotle Turkey Large $9.00
Basil Pesto Turkey Small $5.00
Basil Pesto Turkey Regular $7.00
Basil Pesto Turkey Large $8.50

Quiznos Menu Prices For Satisfied

The Satisfied $5.25
Lobster & Seafood
Lobster & Seafood Salad Ciabatta Regular $7.50
Mac & Cheese with Lobster & Seafood Pasta $7.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Salads & Wraps

Apple Harvest Chicken – Salad Small $3.49
Apple Harvest Chicken – Salad Half $4.00
Apple Harvest Chicken – Salad Full $7.00
Honey Mustard Chicken – Salad Half $4.00
Honey Mustard Chicken – Salad Full $7.00
Lobster & Seafood – Salad Half $4.00
Lobster & Seafood – Salad Full $7.00
Peppercorn Caesar – Salad Half $4.00
Peppercorn Caesar – Salad Full $7.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Soups

Broccoli Cheese Small – 6 oz. $2.50
Broccoli Cheese Regular – 10 oz. $4.00
Broccoli Cheese Large – 16 oz. $5.00
Chili Small – 6 oz. $2.50
Chili Regular – 10 oz. $4.00
Chili Large – 16 oz. $5.00
Chicken Noodle Small – 6 oz. $2.50
Chicken Noodle Regular – 10 oz. $4.00
Chicken Noodle Large – 16 oz. $5.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Kids

Includes Small Drink, Activity & Chips or Kid’s Cookie

Kids Turkey & Cheese Sub $4.00
Kids Ham & Cheese Sub $4.00
Triple Cheese $4.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Desserts & Sides

Chips Bag $1.30
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.69
Fudge Brownie $1.69
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie $1.69
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Small $0.89

Quiznos Menu Prices For Drinks

Soda Bottle – 20 oz. $2.29
Fountain Soda Regular $1.79
Fountain Soda Large $1.99
Izze Clementine or Blackberry Bottle $2.29
Tropicana Fruit Punch Fountain Regular $1.90
Tropicana Fruit Punch Fountain Large $2.10
Gatorade Bottle $2.29
Sobe Drink Bottle $2.29
Water Bottle – 20 oz. $2.40
Tea or Lemonade Regular $1.79
Tea or Lemonade Large $1.99
Apple Juice Bottle $2.29

Quiznos Menu Prices For Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese Pasta $5.00
Mac & Cheese Pasta With Chicken $6.00
Mac & Cheese With Chicken & Bacon Pasta $6.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Catering Party Sub

Chicken Party Sub $60.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Catering Sub Box Lunch

Includes Chips & Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Classic Italian Sub Box Lunch $9.00
The Traditional Sub Box Lunch $9.00
Turkey Ranch & Swiss Sub Box Lunch $9.00
Ultimate Turkey Club Sub Box Lunch $9.00
Baja Chicken Sub Box Lunch $9.00
Mesquite Chicken Sub Box Lunch $9.00
Honey Mustard Chicken Sub Box Lunch $9.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Catering Trays

Classic Sub Tray Regular – Serves 5 $35.00
Classic Sub Tray Large – Serves 10 $60.00
Chicken Sub Tray Regular – Serves 5 $35.00
Chicken Sub Tray Large – Serves 10 $60.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Catering Ciabatta Trays

Classic Ciabatta Tray Regular – Serves 5 $35.00
Chicken Ciabatta Tray Regular – Serves 5 $35.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Catering Grilled Flatbread Box Lunch

Includes Chips & Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Classic Italian Flatbread Box Lunch 2 Pc. $9.00
Traditional Flatbread Box Lunch 2 Pc. $9.00
Turkey, Ranch, & Swiss Flatbread Box Lunch 2 Pc. $9.00
Ultimate Turkey Club Flatbread Lunch Box 2 Pc. $9.00
Veggie Guacamole Flatbread Lunchbox 2 Pc. $9.00
Baja Chicken Flatbread Lunchbox 2 Pc. $9.00
Mesquite Chicken Flatbread Lunchbox 2 Pc. $9.00
Honey Mustard Chicken Flatbread Lunchbox 2 Pc. $9.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Catering Grilled Flatbread Trays

Classic Grilled Flatbread Tray Regular – Serves 5 $35.00
Classic Grilled Flatbread Tray Large – Serves 10 $60.00
Chicken Grilled Flatbread Tray Regular – Serves 5 $35.00
Chicken Grilled Flatbread Tray Large – Serves 10 $60.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Catering Salad Box Lunch

Includes Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Apple Harvest Chicken Salad Lunch Box Full $8.00
Apple Harvest Chicken Salad Box Lunch Large $8.00
Apple Harvest Chicken Wrap Box Lunch $8.00
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad Box Lunch Full $8.00
Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap Box Lunch $8.00
Peppercorn Caesar Chicken Salad Box Lunch Full $8.00
Peppercorn Caesar Chicken Wrap Box Lunch $8.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Catering Salad Bowls

Fresh Garden Salad (For 10) Bowl $24.99
Apple Harvest Chicken Salad Bowl $30.00
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad Bowl $30.00
Peppercorn Caesar Salad Bowl $30.00

Quiznos Menu Prices For Catering Sides

Fresh Garden Salad Serves 10 $25.00
Assorted Chips Serves 10 $12.00
Brownie Tray Serves 10 $14.00
Cookie Tray Serves 10 $14.00
Assorted Dessert Tray Serves 10 $14.00
Bottled Beverages Serves 5 $8.00
Bottled Juice Serves 5 $11.00

Popular Menu Items

If you’re looking for sandwiches This is the spot to go. They offer a wide selection of sandwiches and subs to satisfy every appetite and taste including a tiny Italian “Toastie” up to a large cheesesteak. 

They use high-quality butchery meats and natural cheese to make a mouth-watering, custom-made food item. There are also Chef-inspired sauces you can drizzle on any sandwich or sub to create the perfect blend of tastes.

They have four sub bread (white wheat, wheat parmesan along with jalapeno cheddar) and Ciabatta buns to go with toasties.

Toasties along with flatbread. Certain locations also offer wraps. If you want something different it is possible to try an ice-cold gyro stuffed with hot flatbread or one of Quizno’s five salads as the perfect healthy lunch choice.

The ordering process at Quiznos is simple. You just need to select which sandwich, sub, or salad you’d like to pick the size, then the food will go through the oven, giving it that classic toasty flavor. 

You can then choose the toppings you want and add any other side dishes, and you’re done with your food, ready for consumption.

If you’re looking to give Quiznos the chance or are needing some ideas to take your next go, here are some of the most popular choices that could be perfect for you:

About Quiznos

It’s hard to argue with the affordable quality of Quiznos prices! The success of the chain as one of the most prestigious sub-sea sandwich companies across North America can be partly due to its. There are currently over 2,600 Quiznos establishments in both the United States and abroad.

In the time that Jimmy Lambatos and Todd Disner established their first Quiznos back in the year 1981, they made sure their sandwiches were cooked to extract the maximum flavor from the meats, buns, and vegetables, in addition to other fillings. 

This tradition is still in place until the present day, as well as being one of the factors behind the continued success of the chain.

Each Quiznos restaurant uses only its own baguette-like bread to make its toasted sandwiches, a minor but significant element in the menu.

The chain also supplies its customers with a broad variety of bread like honey bourbon, artisan wheat, and Italian white, and fillings made from vegetables and meats to sauces, dressings, and spices. 

Subs are also made with the full attention of customers, so there’s no doubt that they are created entirely from scratch.

Quiznos Menu Prices


It is organized with a store setup. Their open kitchen allows you to observe the food items and how it’s made prior to serving.

Foods are delicious. The bread slices are always fresh and delicious. The toppings are refreshing as well. You’ll be pleasantly content with the variety of options they provide.

There are a variety of delicious dishes available to satisfy your appetite. They offer a variety of side dishes. Sandwiches are available with an assortment of toppings.

The orders are prepared in a hurry so the wait time isn’t an issue. They have a friendly staff with affordable food and fast service.

Quiznos is a fast-food restaurant that is primarily serving sub sandwiches. However, they offer other food items that are available, including flatbreads and salads as well as soups.

 Quiznos prices are generally slightly more expensive than Subway’s, however, it depends on the way you compare them because the sizes of subs differ.

Quiznos is the second biggest sub sandwich chain after Subway. It has more than 4,000 locations around the globe in a variety of countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

Quiznos Franchise Details

There are approximately 21,000 locations of Quiznos across the globe. If you’re looking to open a store at Quizno’s here’s the cost for you.

Initial Franchise Fee $10,000
Net Worth Required $400,000
Cash Required $100,000 – $120,000
Total Investment $177,564 – $227,793

Important Links

Official Website quiznos.com/home
Locations restaurants.quiznos.com/
Order delivery.quiznos.com/

Quizno’s Contact Information

Quizos Corporate Office Address- 1001 17th St., Ste. 200Denver, CO80202

Quizno’s Corporate Phone Number- (720) 359-3300

You can also contact the team of Quizno’s by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/Quiznos/

Instagram Account- instagram.com/quiznos/

Twitter Handle- twitter.com/quiznos

Quiznos Hours

You can enjoy the delicious tasty, delicious Fast meals with your loved ones and family members, as well as colleagues. 

There’s a mobile app that allows you to place orders at any time during delivery hours. The locations of the stores remain open throughout the day however delivery times are believed to be available only during lunchtime hours.

Quiznos store opening and closing times general times for all locations are as follows:

Monday                                               10.00 AM – 8.00 PM
Tuesday                                               10.00 AM – 8.00 PM
Wednesday                                         10.00 AM – 8.00 PM
Thursday                                              10.00 AM – 8.00 PM
Friday                                                   10.00 AM – 8.00 PM
Saturday                                                11.00 AM – 7.00 PM
Sunday                                                  11.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Quiznos Delivery timings:

Monday                                                10.30 AM – 03.00 PM
Tuesday                                                10.30 AM – 03.00 PM
Wednesday                                          10.30 AM – 03.00 PM
Thursday                                               10.30 AM – 03.00 PM
Friday                                                    10.30 AM – 03.00 PM
Saturday                                               Not Available
Sunday                                                  Not Available

Quiznos Holiday Hours

The store and delivery timing may vary but it remains open on:

New Year’s Day
– Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)
– Valentine’s Day
– Presidents Day
– Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
– St. Patrick’s Day
– Good Friday
– Easter Sunday
– Easter Monday
– Cinco de Mayo
– Mother’s Day
– Memorial Day
– Father’s Day
– Independence Day (4th of July)
– Labor Day
– Columbus Day
– Halloween
– Veterans Day
– Thanksgiving Day
– Black Friday
– Cyber Monday
– Christmas Eve
– New Year’s Eve

– Christmas Day

Quiznos near me


❤️ Why is it called Quiznos?

He was born in 1981 and began the business in 1981. Quiznos which was a deli with an Italian theme serving submarine sandwiches, soups and salads, and some pasta dishes. 

The name Quiznos is an Italian-sounding faux-name Lambatos created made up of two well-known characters of the alphabet, Q and Z.

❤️ What is Quiznos known for?

Quiznos is famous for its toasty subs. The restaurant was established by the company’s founder Jimmy Lambatos in 1982. 
Quiznos’s headquarters Quiznos is in Denver, Colorado. In the shadow of Subway, it is the second-largest sandwich chain of shops across North America.

❤️ What kind of bread does Quiznos use?

A great sub needs great bread. The options are available from those the company’s Artisan Breads are White wheat, Wheat, Parmesan as well as Jalapeno Cheddar. 

There is also the option of having any of the subs stacked in the ciabatta bread. When it comes to stacking, one important distinction in Quiznos and their rival Subway is how the sandwiches are put together.

❤️ Are Quiznos Subs healthy?

At Quiznos, it could cause a diet catastrophe. Healthy eaters typically purchase chicken or vegetarian meals to reduce calories. 
However, some of the vegetarian or chicken-based menu items at Quiznos are extremely loaded with calories and fat. The 4 inch Mesquite Chicken Sub has 21g of fat.

❤️ What made Quiznos so popular?

Quiznos became famous due to the popularity of its toasty sandwiches. Within the quick-service chain’s pantheon, Quiznos has long taken place behind Subway which has numerous, many more establishments. 

However, those who love Quiznos will inform you that they would never think about going to another sandwich shop.

❤️ Does Quiznos use real chicken?

It’s the reason there are around 2,100 locations in. In 2012, Quiznos introduced an extensive menu overhaul in an effort to be competitive with fast-service restaurants. 

The new menu includes gourmet pizzas, organic chicken, and natural cheeses, as well as raw vegetables, simultaneously removing its pricier sandwiches.

Overall opinion

In conclusion, lovers of toasty submarine sandwiches are sure to be happy at Quiznos. Although it’s had its many changes and ups, this restaurant continues to serve our favorite dishes. 

The quality of the food remains undisputed. Furthermore, Quiznos menu prices are exactly what you’d expect. In fact, with the current rates, the restaurant is likely to be back to its top.

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