Papa John’s Menu Prices (Updated 2022) ❤️

Papa John’s Menu Prices 2022

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Papa John’s Menu Prices

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Papa John’s Menu Prices


Papa John’s Menu Prices For Pizzas

Original and Thin Crust Choices

Cheese (Original) Medium $13.00
Cheese (Original) Large $15.00
Cheese (Original) Extra Large $17.00
Cheese (Thin) Large $15.00
John’s Favorite (Original) Medium $16.00
John’s Favorite (Original) Large $18.00
John’s Favorite (Original) Extra Large $20.00
John’s Favorite (Thin) Large $18.00
Pepperoni (Original) Medium $13.00
Pepperoni (Original) Large $15.00
Pepperoni (Original) Extra Large $17.00
Pepperoni (Thin) Large $15.00
Sausage (Original) Medium $13.00
Sausage (Original) Large %2