Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices [Updated July 2022] ❤️

You’ve come to the right spot for our melting Mushroom(r) menu, including prices. You can find delicious pizza, calzones , and sandwiches that are served in a very welcoming informal atmosphere.

Quality ingredients, plenty of vegetarian choices in addition to all-natural food items, as well as a welcoming relaxed staff are the mainstays of the service here at Mellow Mushroom.

A lot of people are steadfastly loyal to this brand and have good reason for it. The flavors that are paired together are ingenious and tasty and balanced. Drink a craft brew with your pie and enjoy with your the people you know!

Below are some of our most-loved dishes from the menu. Followed by the entire menu and costs.

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices List


Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Munchies

Thai Chili Oven Roasted Wings 5 Wings $6.49
Thai Chili Oven Roasted Wings 10 Wings $10.49
Magic Mushroom Soup Bowl $5.75
Meatball Trio $6.99
Bruschetta $6.99
Hummus $6.99
Spinach Artichoke Dip $7.99
Pretzel Bites $7.99

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Pretzels

Whole Parmesan $7.99
Half Parmesan $4.89
Whole Salted $7.99
Half Salted $4.89

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Garlic Cheesebread

Cheese $4.59
Pesto Garlic $4.99
Pepperoni $4.99
Oven Roasted Wings (Mild, Hot, Thai Chili, Jerk, BBQ, Naked) 5 ct. $6.49
Oven Roasted Wings (Mild, Hot, Thai Chili, Jerk, BBQ, Naked) 10 ct. $10.49
Split Wings $10.49

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Salads

New Bangkok Salad with Chicken $10.99
New Bangkok Salad with Tofu $10.99
Greek Salad Regular $8.99
Greek Salad Lil’ $5.99
Caesar Salad Regular $8.99
Caesar Salad Lil’ $5.99
Enlightened Spinach Salad Regular $9.39
Enlightened Spinach Salad Lil’ $6.29
House Salad Regular $6.99
House Salad Lil’ $4.50
Chef Salad Regular $8.99
Chef Salad Lil’ $5.99

Specialty Pies

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Thai Dye Specialty Pie Large $25.19
Thai Dye Specialty Pie Medium $19.99
Thai Dye Specialty Pie Small $12.49
House Special Large $25.19
House Special Medium $20.99
House Special Small $12.99
Kosmic Karma Large $25.19
Kosmic Karma Medium $19.99
Kosmic Karma Small $12.49
Mighty Meaty Large $25.99
Mighty Meaty Medium $20.99
Mighty Meaty Small $12.99
Funky Q Chicken Large $25.99
Funky Q Chicken Medium $20.99
Funky Q Chicken Small $12.99
Holy Shiitake Large $25.99
Holy Shiitake Medium $20.99
Holy Shiitake Small $12.99
Buffalo Chicken Large $25.99
Buffalo Chicken Medium $20.49
Buffalo Chicken Small $12.29
Great White Large $25.19
Great White Medium $19.99
Great White Small $12.49
Pacific Rim Large $25.19
Pacific Rim Medium $19.99
Pacific Rim Small $12.49
Veg Out Large $23.49
Veg Out Medium $17.49
Veg Out Small $10.99
Pepperoni Large $19.75
Pepperoni Medium $15.00
Pepperoni Small $9.80
Cheese Pizza Large $17.00
Cheese Pizza Medium $13.00
Cheese Pizza Small $8.50

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Half & Half Pie

House Pizza Large $25.99
Kosmic Karma Large $25.19
Mighty Meaty Large $25.99
Funky Q Chicken Large $25.99
Holy Shiitake Large $25.99
Buffalo Chicken Large $25.99
Great White Large $25.19
Pacific Rim Large $25.19
Veg Out Large $23.49
Cheese Pizza Large $16.99
House Pizza Medium $20.99
Kosmic Karma Medium $19.49
Mighty Meaty Medium $20.99
Funky Q Chicken Medium $20.99
Funky Q Chicken Medium $20.99
Holy Shiitake Medium $20.99
Buffalo Chicken Medium $20.99
Great White Medium $19.99
Pacific Rim Medium $19.99
Veg Out Medium $17.49
Cheese Pizza Medium $12.89
House Pizza $12.99
Kosmic Karma $12.49
Mighty Meaty $12.99
Funky Q Chicken $12.99
Holy Shiitake $12.99
Buffalo Chicken $12.99
Great White $12.49
Pacific Rim $12.49
Veg Out $10.99
Cheese Pizza $8.29

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Gluten-Free Pies

House Special GF $14.99
Kosmic Karma GF $14.99
Mighty Meaty GF $14.99
Veg Out GF $11.99
BYO Gluten-Free Pie $10.50

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Build Your Own Pie

BYO Pie Large $17.00
BYO Pie Medium $13.00
BYO Pie Small $8.50
Cheese Pizza Large $17.00
Cheese Pizza Medium $13.00
Cheese Pizza Small $8.50
Pepperoni Pizza Large $19.75
Pepperoni Pizza Medium $15.00
Pepperoni Pizza Small $9.80

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Calzones

Cheese Calzone $8.99
Veggie Calzone $10.99
The Sausagefest Calzone $12.49
Steak Calzone $12.49
Chicken Calzone $12.49

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Sandwiches

California Club $8.50
Chicken Caesar Wrap $7.49
Country Club $8.50
Mellow Chicken Salad $6.99

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Hoagies

Steak & Cheese Hoagie Half $7.49
Steak & Cheese Hoagie Whole $11.49
Chicken & Cheese Hoagie Half $6.99
Chicken & Cheese Hoagie Whole $10.49
Meatball Hoagie Half $6.49
Meatball Hoagie Whole $9.99
Italian Hoagie Half $6.99
Italian Hoagie Whole $10.49
Tempeh Hoagie Half $6.99
Tempeh Hoagie Whole $10.49
Tofu Hoagie Half $6.99
Tofu Hoagie Whole $10.49
Mushroom Club Half $6.99
Mushroom Club Whole $10.49
Avocado Hoagie Half $6.49
Avocado Hoagie Whole $9.99

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Burgers

Ritz Burger $9.99
BYO Burger $11.99

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Sweets

Mary Jane’s Double Chocolate Brownie $3.00
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookie $2.49
Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie $2.49
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $2.49

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Kids

Kids Cheese Bread Pizza $5.50
Kids Pepperoni Cheese Bread $5.50
Kids Meatball $5.50
Kids Mac & Cheese $5.50
Kids Pretzel $5.50

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Beverages

Coke $2.49
Diet Coke $2.49
Coke Zero $2.49
Sprite $2.49
Sweet Tea $2.49
Unsweet Tea $2.49

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices For Extras

Beer Cheese $2.49
Regular Chips $1.69
BBQ Chips $1.69
Jalapeno Chips $1.69
Salt & Vinegar Chips $1.69

History of Mellow Mushroom

The very first Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers opened in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia by three college students. 

The three of them enjoyed pizza but realized that making a perfect pizza pie was like creating art. The trio gathered and decided to take this art form to people. Today there are more than 200 pizza places throughout the U.S.

About Mellow Mushroom

The Mellow Mushroom prices are reasonable enough that spending money on them will bring pleasant feelings, not unpleasant feelings. 

The chain of pizzerias began with just one outlet located in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974 and has grown to over 150 outlets across the United States.

The company has built its reputation as a place to serve the finest hand-crafted pizzas that come in a variety of sizes and come with a variety of toppings. 

The majority of locations offer Mellow Mushroom-branded products, such as clothing in-store and at the Mellow Gear site of the official Mellow Gear website.

The menu is centered around the pizzas, which are distinguished by the use of top ingredients ranging from processed meats to veggies fruit, and cheeses. 

Even the spices and herbs are selected with care as they are the icing on the cake to say. There’s also a broad assortment of sandwiches, burgers and salads, and also appetizers, sides, and Calzones. 

Pizzas that are vegan and vegetarian along with the menu for children and gluten-free crusts cater to the needs of a lot of customers.

Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices

What It’s Famous For

Mellow Mushroom is most famous for its variety of pizza varieties that are available in three sizes. Slices are also sold at specific times at certain places. 

The restaurant chain also serves calzones, hoagies, other salads, and appetizers and also offers an extensive selection of beer typically 20-40 beers on draft and more than 50 bottles. 

Customers can also purchase brand products, including clothing, at their stores as well as through Mellow Gear. Mellow Gear website.

Review Of Mellow Mushroom 

Mellow Mushroom serves its pizza in three sizes: smaller (10 inches) medium (14 inches) in addition to largest (16 inches). But, slices of pizza can be served for lunch or late at certain places. 

In addition to pizza, the shop offers salads, calzones as well as burgers, hoagies, and snacks. The pizzeria has vegan options, along with gluten-free options. 

The menu also includes an allergy and special diets menu available for those with special dietary needs. 

The menu for children is available for children. The restaurant also offers catering for special events at the request of the customer.

Pizzas with specialties include Gourmet White House Special, Kosmic Karma, Magical Mystery Tour, Mighty Meaty, Mega-Veggie, Funky Q Chicken, Holy Shitake Pie, Bayou Bleu, Thai Dye, Mellowterranean, Red Skin Potato Pie, Philosophers Pie, Buffalo Chicken, and Maui Wowie.

 You can also choose to create yourself a pizza. Pizzas are priced in accordance with the size. Small pizzas are priced between $10 and $12, the medium between $19 to $21, and the largest ranges between the $23-and $26 range. The cost of a cheese pizza is much less than pizzas that come with toppings.

Calzones cost between $7 to $11 and comprise the Home, Cheese, or Chicken/Steak and Cheese choices. 

The Hoagies range from 4 and 6 dollars for half-sized as well as $7 and $9.00 for the whole hoagies. 

Hoagie options include Meatball, Steak and Cheese, Avocado, Chicken and Cheese Ham/Turkey and Cheese, Mushroom Club, Italian, Jerk Chicken, Spiked Sausage, Tempeh, Tofu, Righteous Portobello Reuben Portobello and Cheese, and the Shrimp Hoag’ Boy. Salad options include Greek and Enlightened Spinach Caesar, Chef, and tossed salads.

 Small salads range from $3 to $5 while regular size salads cost between $6 to $9. There’s also the option to create the salad of your choice. Calzones, Hoagies, and Salads.

The restaurant’s hours of service depending on its location. The hours generally run from 11:15 a.m. until 11:15 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays as well as 11:00 a.m. until 12:00 a.m. on Fridays and on Saturdays. 

Certain locations offer delivery and others don’t offer an option to pick up. Service is exceptional, however, the speed of service is dependent on how busy the restaurant gets at the moment. 

People love the food at this restaurant including pizza, and its distinctively flavored crust. The most popular are those like the Holy Shitake, Kosmic Karma along with The Gourmet White.

The pizzeria is spotless and provides a relaxed informal and enjoyable environment for guests to relax and take advantage of their pizza.

Mellow Mushroom Near Me



❤️ Does Mellow Mushroom deliver?

A majority Of the Mellow Mushroom does offer the option of delivery to your home

❤️ Does Mellow Mushroom take reservations?

We’re not taking reservations, Mellow Mushroom does not accept reservations.

❤️ Does Mellow Mushroom have gluten-free pizza?

Yes, Mellow Mushroom offers gluten-free pizza.

❤️ Does Mellow Mushroom take out?

Mellow Mushroom Mellow Mushroom which does not provide delivery services has a “take out” feature

❤️ Does Mellow Mushroom serve beer?

No, I’m not sure, but Mellow Mushroom is not a beer.

❤️ Does Mellow Mushroom expensive?

Yes the Mellow Mushroom is pricey when compared to other pizza places

❤️ How did Mellow Mushroom originate?

Mellow Mushroom originated in Atlanta

❤️ Which Mellow Mushroom locations are there?

There are currently more than 150 Mellow Mushroom establishments

❤️ Who is the owner of Mellow Mushroom?

Mellow Mushroom is owned by Rocky Reeves, Mike Nicholson, and Marc Weinstein

Final words

Mellow Mushroom is known for its pizzas that are delicious and you must go to the place. They also offer gluten-free and vegan dishes available to the patrons. 

I hope that you find this Mellow Musketeer Menu with Prices useful to find the top menus. Happy Visiting.

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