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La Belle Province Menu Price- Updated

La Belle Province Menu Prices: Do you plan to head somewhere with your friends, where you can eat all the fast-food staples such as burgers and hot dogs? 

If yes you are, then I have a wonderful suggestion for you. The location’s name is La Belle Province. La Belle Province is the center for food items such as hot dogs, poutines, pitas, and burgers.

It also has sous-marins 10 as well as plates, fries, and drinks. In La Belle Province, you will be able to get a decent dinner at around $30.00.

In this blog, I’ll provide you with the most current prices for the menu at La Belle Province, their nutrition breakdown, and the methods you can contact them. First, let’s get started with their story.

La Belle Province Menu

Peter Kivetos started La Belle Province the Canadian fast-food chain of restaurants, in the year 1970. The first restaurant was opened by Kivetos in Sherbrooke’s East Street. 

The corporate headquarters is located in Quebec, Canada. The people who visit love La Belle Province because they have a fully functioning kitchen and food is prepared right in front of the customers.

La Belle Province Menu Price List 


La Belle Province Menu Price For Divers / Various

Frites / French Fries $3.40
Frite sauce / Fried Sauce $4.30
Frite sauce italienne / Italian Sauce Fries $7.75
Rondelles d’oignon / Onion Rings $3.75
Hot dog Michigan / Michigan Hot Dog $2.85
Pogo $2.70
Hamburger Belle Province de luxe $7.35
Hamburger $3.55
Hamburger Double $4.90
Cheeseburger $4.45
Cheeseburger Double $6.66
Pita Gyros $6.75
Pita au poulet / Chicken Pita $6.75
Sandwich au poulet grillé / Grilled Chicken Sandwich $6.75
Sandwich à la viande fumée / Smoked Meat Sandwich $6.75
Hot dog vapor / Steamed Hot Dog $1.40
Hot dog toasté / Toasted Hot Dog $2.25

La Belle Province Menu Price For Sous-marins / Submarines

 Sous-Marin au boeuf / Beef Submarine $11.99
Sous-Marin au poulet / Chicken Submarine $12.25
Sous-marin végétarien / Vegetarian Submarine $9.55
 Sous-Marin spécial belle province / Belle Province Special Submarine $13.80
Sous-Marin au steak Philly / Philly Steak Submarine $8.25
Sous-Marin tout Garni / All dressed Submarine $11.75

La Belle Province Menu Price For Poutines

Poutine $6.99
Poutine italienne / Italian Poutine $8.50

La Belle Province Menu Price For Trios

Chaque trio vient avec un pepsi. / Each trio comes with a Pepsi
1. Trio 2 hot dog et poutine / Trio 2 Hot Dog and Poutine $11.25
2. Trio 2 Hot dog Michigan et Frites / Trio 2 Michigan Hot Dog and Fries $10.25
3. Trio Hamburger et poutine / Trio Hamburger and Poutine $11.50
4. Trio Hamburger au poulet et frites / Trio Chicken Hamburger with French Fries $10.99
5. Trio sous-Marin au boeuf et Frites / Submarine Trio with Beef and Fries $15.50
6. Trio sandwich à la viande fumée et frites / Trio Sandwich with smoked meat and French Fries $14.25
7. Trio pita au poulet et Frites / Trio Pita with Chicken and French Fries $11.50
8. Trio pita Gyro et Frites / Trio Pita Gyro and Fries $10.99
9. Trio 4 Hot dog et 2 Frites / Trio 4 Hot Dogs and 2 Fries $15.50
10. Trio 2 Hamburgers et 2 frites / Trio 2 Hamburgers and 2 Fries $16.99
11. Trio 2 sandwichs à la viande fumée et 2 frites / Trio of 2 Smoked Meat Sandwiches and 2 Fries $27.99
12. Trio 2 Hamburgers au poulet et 2 frites / Trio of 2 Chicken Burgers and 2 Fries $21.50

La Belle Province Menu Price For Plats / Dishes

Plat de poulet / Chicken Dish $13.70
Plat salade au poulet / Chicken Salad Dish $11.99
Plat salade jardinière / Garden Salad Dish $8.75
Plat spaghetti / Spaghetti Dish $9.25
Plat spaghetti à la viande fumée / Spaghetti Dish with Smoked Meat $11.60
Plat de viande fumée / Smoked Meat Dish $12.75
Plat Hamburger steak / Hamburger Steak Dish $11.05
Plat club sandwich / Club Sandwich Dish $12.55
Plat hot Chicken / Hot Chicken Dish $10.99


The founder Peter Kivetos, a native of Greece established La Belle Province for the very first time. La Belle Province on Sherbrooke Street East in 1970. 

The name was adopted by him by granting permission to an eatery located on Saint Catherine Street where he worked and that had been destroyed throughout the 1960s. 

The restaurant became a franchise after the second location was established within Saint-Hubert in the year 1976. 

Kivetos owner group had 45 locations as of 1997. In 1999, the number of locations was 125 operating under La Belle Province.

La Belle Province. This isn’t a strict franchise, but in 1999, there were six ownership groups, mainly close relatives to Kivetos. 

In the year 2010, two restaurant proprietors were fined $22,000 for inability to pay GST and were subsequently charged an additional fee of $45,000 in addition to the amount due. 

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La Belle Province Contact Information

La Belle Province Corporate Office Address: 10 Bromont, Bromont, Bromont, Quebec, J2L 3H1, Canada

La Belle Province Corporate Office Phone Number: (450) 534-0075

To contact the team of La Belle Province, you can also fill out the contact form on their website.

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