KFC Menu Prices (Updated 2022) ❤️


KFC Menu Prices 2022

Kentucky Fried Chicken(r), a quality fast-food favorite, has been available for generations. We have the complete menu and prices. 

KFC is the perfect place to get a delicious and filling fried chicken meal, whether you choose to eat in, drive-thru, or enjoy the buffet.

KFC Menu Prices

KFC also has sandwiches, grilled chicken, and popcorn nuggets for those who want something different. For those with smaller appetites, KFC offers kids meals. Don’t forget dessert!

You can find the entire menu here, regardless of whether you’re planning to have lunch or dinner at KFC.

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KFC Menu Prices List 


KFC Menu Prices For Combos

Includes Individual Side & Medium Drink
2 Pc. Chicken – Combo $5.99
Delicious Sandwich – Combo $5.99
Popcorn Nuggets – Combo $5.49
2 Chicken Littles – Combo $5.29
Go Large Combo $1.50

KFC Menu Prices For Nashville Hot Chicken

1 Pc. Basket (Chicken Breast, Coleslaw & Biscuit) $5.49
2 Pc. Basket (Drumstick & Thigh, Coleslaw & Biscuit) $5.49
8 Pc. Meal (8 Pc. Chicken, Large Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits) $21.99

KFC Menu Prices For Nashville Hot Tenders

3 Pc. Basket (3 Tenders, Coleslaw & Biscuit) $5.49
12 Pc. Meal (12 Tenders, Large Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits) $21.99
24 Pc. Tailgate Meal (24 Tenders) $29.99

KFC Menu Prices For Tenders & Popcorn Nuggets

Combo Includes Individual Side & Medium Drink
Chicken Tenders $3.99
Chicken Tenders $6.99
Chicken Tenders $12.99
Chicken Tenders – Combo $5.99
Popcorn Nuggets $3.99

KFC Menu Prices For Kid’s Meal

Drumstick, 1 Chicken Little, 1 Tender, or Popcorn Nuggets, and Individual Side, and Applesauce, or Small Drink $3.99

KFC Menu Prices For Family Meals

8 Pc. Meal with 2 Large Sides & 4 Biscuits $21.99
8 Pc. Chicken Only $14.99
12 Pc. Meal with 3 Large Sides & 6 Biscuits $29.99
12 Pc. Chicken Only $20.49
16 Pc. Meal with 4 Large Sides & 8 Biscuits $36.99
16 Pc. Chicken Only $24.99
Tenders & Wedges for 2 (6 Pc. Tenders, Large Wedges & 2 Sauces) $9.99
Tenders Meal (12 Pc. Tenders, 2 Large Sides, 4 Biscuits & 6 Sauces) $19.99

KFC Menu Prices For Homestyle Sides

Mashed Potatoes $1.99
Mashed Potatoes $3.79
Potato Wedges $1.99
Potato Wedges $3.79
Baked Beans $1.99
Baked Beans $3.79
Cole Slaw $1.99
Cole Slaw $3.79
Sweet Kernel Corn $1.99
Sweet Kernel Corn $3.79
Green Beans $1.99
Green Beans $3.79
Mac & Cheese $1.99
Mac & Cheese $3.79
2 Biscuits $1.49

KFC Menu Prices For Colonel’s Value

3 Hot Wings $2.29
1 Chicken Little $1.49
Go Cup – Popcorn Nuggets & Wedges $2.79
Go Cup – Chicken Little & Wedges $2.79
Go Cup – 2 Tenders & Wedges $2.79
Go Cup – 3 Hot Wings & Wedges $2.79

KFC Menu Prices For Drinks

Soft Drink $1.69
Soft Drink $1.99
Aquafina Water $1.69
Iced Tea $2.49
Lemonade $1.99
Lemonade $3.49
Strawberry Lemonade $2.29
Strawberry Lemonade $3.99

KFC Menu Prices For $20 Family Fill Up

Limited Time
Family Meal – 8 Pc. Chicken, 2 Large Mashed Potatoes, Large Gravy, Large Coleslaw & 4 Biscuits $20.00

KFC Menu Prices For $5 Fill Ups

2 Pc. Drum & Thigh, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Biscuit, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie $5.00
3 Pc. Tenders, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Biscuit, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie $5.00
Chicken Breast, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Biscuit, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie $5.00
Famous Bowl, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie $5.00
Pot Pie, Medium Drink & Chocolate Chip Cookie $5.00

KFC Menu Prices For Big Box Meals

Includes Individual Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Coleslaw, Biscuit & Medium Drink
3 Pc. Chicken Box $7.99
2 Pc. Chicken & Popcorn Box $7.99
3 Tenders & Popcorn Box $7.99

KFC Menu Prices For Desserts

Chocolate Chip Cake $3.99
Cookies $1.29
Cookies $4.49

KFC Catering Menu 2022

Is there anything more satisfying than finger-lickin’ chicken? Yes, there is! A whole bucket of it! KFC is known for creating delicious meals that can easily feed a large family. 

KFC’s catering menu is extensive. There are appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. These meals are also very affordable and convenient.

kfc menu prices 2022

Southern Fried Chicken? This is the best and most authentic. You will want to find out what KFC can be ordered and how much it will set you back. We’re going to walk you through the KFC catering menu, prices, and how they work.

KFC Catering Menu Prices List

Item Prices

KFC Catering Menu For Chicken Buffet Meals

Buffet Meal – 30 pc Chicken $79.99
Buffet Meal – 50 pc Chicken $128.99

KFC Catering Menu For Chicken Platters

Platter – 25 pc Chicken $39.99
Platter – 50 pc Chicken $78.99
Platter – 100 pc Chicken $149.99

KFC Catering Menu For Extra Crispy Tenders Platters

Platter – 25 Extra Crispy Tenders $29.99
Platter – 50 Extra Crispy Tenders $58.99
Platter – 100 Extra Crispy Tenders $115.99

KFC Catering Menu For Hot Wings Platters

Platter – 25 KFC Hot Wings $24.99
Platter – 50 KFC Hot Wings $44.99
Platter – 75 KFC Hot Wings $59.99

KFC Catering Menu For Box Meals

Box Meal – 2pc Chicken $6.99
Box Meal – 3 Tenders $6.99
Box Meal – 3pc Chicken $7.99

KFC Catering Menu For Homestyle Sides

Large Homestyle Sides Option $19.99
Small Homestyle Sides Option $12.99
Dozen Biscuits $4.99

KFC Catering Menu For Drinks

Sweetened Tea $1.99
Unsweetened Tea $1.99
1/2 Gallon Lemonade (Regular) $3.49
1/2 Gallon Lemonade (Strawberry) $3.99

KFC Catering Menu For Desserts

Mini Lemon Cake $1.49
Mini Chocolate Cake $1.49
Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies $4.99
Lemon Cake $4.99
Chocolate Chip Cake $4.99

KFC Nutrition Information 2022

KFC menu price  This is a popular place for Southern-style comfort foods. Perhaps you are curious about the following KFC nutrition information. This includes calories, protein, and carbs as well as fat and sodium.

All these values can be found in our Kentucky Fried Chicken. Customer Nutrition Guide Customers can keep in touch to order the best meal.

kfc menu 2022

Many people who visit Kentucky Fried Chicken have restricted diets and specific goals.

KFC nutrition can help you choose the right meal. This guide will help you determine how much protein is in a piece of chicken breast without its skin.

KFC Chicken Nutrition Menu 

KFC Chicken Nutrition 

Extra Crispy Chicken – Breast 510 33g 16g 39g
Extra Crispy Chicken – Drumstick 150 10g 5g 12g
Extra Crispy Chicken – Thigh 340 24g 10g 20g
Extra Crispy Chicken – Whole Wing 190 13g 6g 12g
Grilled Chicken – Breast Nutrition 220 7g 0g 40g
Grilled Chicken – Drumstick 90 4g 0g 13g
Grilled Chicken – Thigh Nutrition 170 10g 0g 19g
Grilled Chicken – Whole Wing 80 5g 1g 10g
Original Recipe Chicken – Breast 360 21g 11g 34g
Original Recipe Chicken – Drumstick 120 7g 3g 11g
Original Recipe Chicken – Thigh 250 17g 7g 17g
Original Recipe Chicken – Whole 120 7g 3g 11g
Original Recipe Chicken -Breast without skin or breading 160 4g 2g 31g
Spicy Crispy – Breast 420 25g 12g 38g
Spicy Crispy – Drumstick 160 10g 5g 11g
Spicy Crispy – Thigh 360 27g 13g 17g
Spicy Crispy – Whole Wing 170 12g 6g 11g

KFC Desserts Nutrition 

Apple Turnover 250 12g 33g 2g
Café Valley Bakery Chocolate Chip Cake 300 15g 39g 4g
Café Valley Bakery Lemon Cake 210 11g 28g 2g
Café Valley Bakery® Mini Chocolate 300 12g 49g 3g
Café Valley Bakery® Mini Lemon 300 13g 43g 3g
Oreo Cookies and Crème Pie Slice 290 16g 34g 3g
Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie Slice 310 19g 31g 5g
Sweet Life Chocolate Chip Cookie 160 8g 21g 2g
Sweet Life Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 150 6g 22g 2g

KFC Other Nutrition 

Colonel’s Buttery Spread 30 4g 0g 0g
Country Fried Steak with Peppered White Gravy 380 27g 23g 12g
Country Fried Steak without Peppered White Gravy 350 25g 19g 12g
Creamy Ranch Dipping Sauce Cup 140 15g 1g 0g
HBBQ Dipping Sauce Cup 40 0g 9g 0g
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce Cup 120 10g 6g 0g
Honey Sauce Packet 30 0g 8g 0g
KFC Gizzards 200 11g 15g 11g
KFC Livers 180 10g 11g 11g
Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce Cup 45 0g 12g 0g

KFC Pot Pie, Bowls & Value Boxes Nutrition 

Chicken Littles® Go Cup 600 33g 58g 18g
Chicken Pot Pie 790 45g 66g 29g
Extra Crispy™ Tenders Go Cup 540 28g 46g 26g
Fiery Buffalo Hot Wings™ Go Cup 510 28g 50g 15g
HBBQ Hot Wings™ Go Cup 540 28g 58g 15g
Hot Wings™ Go Cup 490 27g 45g 15g
KFC Famous Bowls – Mashed Potato with Gravy 680 31g 74g 26g
Popcorn Chicken Nuggets Go Cup 570 32g 53g 18g
Snack – Size Bowl 260 13g 26g 12g

KFC Salads & More Nutrition 

Caesar Side Salad without Dressing & Croutons 40 2g 2g 3g
Crispy Chicken BLT Salad without Dressing 360 19g 18g 30g
Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad without Dressing & Croutons 340 18g 16g 28g
Heinz Buttermilk Ranch 160 17g 1g 0g
Hidden Valley The Original Ranch Fat Free 35 0g 8g 1g
House Side Salad without Dressing 15 0g 3g 1g
KFC Creamy Parmesan Caesar Dressing 260 26g 4g 2g
Marzetti Light Italian 15 1g 2g 0g
Parmesan Garlic Croutons Pouch 70 3g 8g 1g

KFC Sandwiches Nutrition 

Chicken Little 320 19g 24g 14g
Chicken Little w/o Sauce Nutrition 230 8g 24g 14g
Colonel’s Original Sandwich 450 20g 41g 25g
Crispy Twister 610 33g 52g 28g
Crispy Twister without Sauce 490 20g 51g 28g
Doublicious with Original Recipe Filet 520 25g 40g 32g
Honey BBQ Sandwich 320 4g 47g 24g

KFC Sides Nutrition 

Bacon Ranch Dipping Sauce Cup 140 15g 1g 0g
BBQ Baked Beans 210 2g 41g 8g
Biscuit 180 8g 23g 4g
Cole Slaw 180 10g 20g 1g
Corn on the Cob (3″) 70 1g 16g 2g
Creamy Buffalo Dipping Sauce Cup 70 7g 2g 0g
Finger Lickin’ Good™ Dipping Sauce Cup 130 12g 5g 1g
Gravy (with Bites) 50 3g 7g 1g
Green Beans 25 0g 4g 1g
KFC Cornbread Muffin 210 9g 28g 3g
Macaroni and Cheese 160 7g 19g 5g
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy 120 4g 19g 2g
Mashed Potatoes without Gravy 90 3g 15g 2g
Orange Ginger Dipping Sauce Cup 50 0g 11g 0g
Potato Wedges 290 15g 35g 4g
Sweet Kernel Corn 100 1g 21g 3g

KFC Strips & Filets Nutrition 

Extra Crispy™ Tenders (1) – Kids 130 7g 6g 11g
Extra Crispy™ Tenders (2) 250 13g 11g 22g
Extra Crispy™ Tenders (3) 380 20g 17g 33g

KFC Wings Nutrition 

Fiery Buffalo Hot Wings (1) 70 4g 5g 4g
HBBQ Hot Wings (1) 80 4g 8g 4g
Hot Wings (1) 70 4g 4g 4g

KFC Happy Hour 2022

KFC Happy Hour is an option, but you don’t have to be there for happy hour. Kentucky Fried Chicken is now known as KFC and offers delicious fried chicken.

This international fast-food restaurant has been serving delicious fried chicken for years. Although the menu has evolved over time, you can still get fried chicken with creamy gravy or coleslaw.

Freshly prepared meals at reasonable prices. It is easy to pick up the food and bring it home for your family.


Happy Hour:

KFC does not offer Happy Hour on Monday.

Open Hours:

10:30 am–10:30 pm


Happy Hour:

KFC does not offer Happy Hour on Tuesday.

Open Hours:

10:30 am–10:30 pm


Happy Hour:

KFC does not offer Happy Hour on Wednesday.

Open Hours:

10:30 am–10:30 pm


Happy Hour:

KFC does not offer Happy Hour on Thursday.

Open Hours:

10:30 am–10:30 pm


Happy Hour:

KFC does not offer Happy Hour on Friday.

Open Hours:

10:30 am–11 pm


Happy Hour:

KFC does not offer Happy Hour on Saturday.

Open Hours:

10:30 am–11 pm


Happy Hour:

KFC does not offer Happy Hour on Sunday.

Open Hours:

10:30 am–10:30 pm

Most Popular Menu Items

Kentucky Fried Chicken is most famous for its Original Fried Chicken, which has 11 herbs and spices. 

Extra Crispy is also available. It certainly lives up to its name. KFC also offers tender marinated or grilled chicken.

KFC has a wide selection of classic sides, including creamy coleslaw and fluffy mashed potatoes. Popcorn Nuggets, Pot Pie, and Pot Pie are also available.

These are tried-and-true customer favorites

KFC Menu Prices

About KFC

KFC’s extremely affordable prices continue to be a draw for its international customers. Colonel Harland Sanders started his roadside eatery to sell his fried chicken.

His vision was to make it a mainstay in American cuisine. KFC’s unique blend of spices is what gives KFC its fried chicken its lasting appeal.

KFC’s main product is its pressure-fried, hand-breaded, on-the-bone fried chicken. It can be purchased in different cuts as well as individual portions and buckets for families.

KFC has nearly 20,000 locations around the globe, making it one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the world. Yum! Brands

KFC also offers chicken burgers such as the Tower and Zinger, in addition to the famous Fried Chicken.

Wraps such as the Boxmasters and Twisters are available, with hot chicken wings and crispy chicken tenders such as the Popcorn Chicken.

There is also a selection of chicken nuggets and chicken wings. Every restaurant can add regional favorites to meet local culinary preferences, such as Halal chicken for Islamic countries.

History of KFC

KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1932. Since then, it has evolved a lot. Colonel Sanders faced a difficult task in breaking down the dominance of hamburgers in the fast-food market during the Great Depression. 

In the dark days of the Great Depression, Colonel Sanders started selling fried chicken out of his Corbin, Kentucky roadside restaurant. 

It soon found a wide audience. In 1952, Utah was the first state to open a “Kentucky Fried Chicken” franchise.

KFC introduced many snacks over time that included other foods than chicken. The menu also includes American favorites like potato wedges and mashed potatoes, green beans and Mac and Cheese, as well as sweet kernel corns and mashed potatoes. 

For those who prefer a healthier option, grilled chicken is a popular choice. Their Nashville chicken is a spicy, rich, and flavorful chicken dish that comes with a side of coleslaw or biscuit.


There are many fast food options today. KFC is not the only one that stands out. Their famous fried chicken is the most prominent. It took years to perfect the recipe and perfect is how it should be described. 

The chicken inside is tender, juicy, and full of flavor. There are many options for the original chicken, including their famous ‘bucket’ meals.

You can also choose from other menu items, including wraps, salads, and sides, as well as desserts and soft beverages. All of their dishes are very affordable. 

A combo that includes a main dish, side dish, and medium drink costs around $5. Family meals can cost anywhere from $10 to $30 depending on how many people you feed. All of these meals come in very generous portions.

The classic theme of their restaurants is the same, but with a modern twist on the retro diner. The restaurants are warm, inviting, and clean. They also have friendly and efficient staff. You have two options: eat in or drive-thru.

The fried chicken market has been dominated by this chain for nearly 90 years. This chain was founded by a ‘colonel’ who believed in serving delicious, high-quality Southern food.

He also wanted fast, friendly service. KFC has been a staple in the hearts, minds, and souls of America for these values.

KFC Menu Prices

KFC Franchise Cost

KFC is the 2nd-largest international restaurant chain. There are approximately 23,000 KFC restaurants around the globe. It has a presence in 141 countries. This is the cost to open a KFC Restaurant.

Name of Fee Cost High
Application & Background Check Fee (per person) From $300 to $500 $500
Deposit Fee $20,000 $20,000
Option Fee $25,000 $25,000
Training Expenses From $7,000 to $10,000 $10,000
Permits, Licenses, and Security Deposits From $50,000 to 100,000 $100,000
Real Property From $400,000 to $1,100,000 $1,100,000
Building & Site Costs From $534,000 to $930,000 $930,000
Equipment, Signage, and Décor, POS & MERIT From $329,000 to $476,000 $476,000
Start-up Inventory $10,000 $10,000
Grand Opening Expense $5,000 $5,000
Insurance From $7,250 to $10,050 $10,050
Miscellaneous Costs From $5,000 to $10,000 $10,000
Additional Funds From $50,000 to $75,000 $75,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL From $1,442,550 to $2,771,550 $2,771,550

Important Links

Official Website kfc.com/
Locations locations.kfc.com/
Careers jobs.kfc.com/
Kow KFC make Chicken kfc.com/about/how-kfc-makes-chicken

Survey Here 


KFC Contact Information

KFC Corporate Office Office Address– 1441 Gardiner Lane, Louisville KY, 40213 United States of America.

KFC Corporate Office Phone Number– (800) 225-5532

You can also contact the team KFC by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/KFC

Instagram Account- instagram.com/kfc/

Twitter Account- twitter.com/kfc

YouTube Channel- youtube.com/kfc

KFC Menu Prices

KFC Hours

KFC offers delivery so that customers can enjoy their delicious chicken any time they like. They also remain open for long hours to ensure their loyal customers have access to their delicious food. 

KFC’s Breakfast Hours start at 6.30 am and continue until 10.30 am. The KFC Lunch Hours begin at 10.30 AM and continue throughout the day.

We have listed the hours of KFC’s opening and closing for each week.

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 06:30 AM 10:30 AM
Tuesday 06:30 AM 10:30 AM
Wednesday 06:30 AM 10:30 AM
Thursday 06:30 AM 10:30 AM
Friday 06:30 AM 10:30 AM
Saturday 06:00 AM 10:30 AM
Sunday 06:00 AM 10:30 AM

KFC Holiday Hours

People prefer to eat out during the holidays than cook at home. KFC is open on major holidays. Here’s a list of holidays that KFC is open:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • President’s Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • Tax Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Easter Monday
  • Cino de Mayo
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Father’s Day
  • independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve

Near Me 

We have provided a store locator to help you locate the nearest KFC location


❤️ What is the new KFC menu item?

The KFC Chicken Sandwich is made with a quarter-pound all-white-meat filet, crisp, thick pickles, and a buttery brioche sandwich. It also includes the perfect amount of Colonel’s spicy mayo or sauce.

❤️ What is the best deal at KFC?

The $5 Fill-Up is one of the most loved KFC menu specials. It features five favorite sides and desserts. The current KFC menu special offers a $5 fill-up with drumstick & thigh, extra crispy tenders, chicken breast, a famous bowl, and pot pie.

❤️ Does KFC have senior discounts?

KFC. Seniors 55 and older can receive a small drink free with any meal purchase. We found that franchises might offer discounts of up to 10%. This excludes any coupons or sales. Before ordering, ask.

❤️ How much chicken is in a $20 fill-up at KFC?

You can choose from their 8 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken, 8 pieces Extra Crispy Chicken or 12 pieces of Chicken Extra Crispy Tenders. Every meal includes a large cole-slaw, 4 biscuits, 2 large mashed potatoes, and gravy.

❤️ What comes in the KFC fill-up box?

The $30 Fill-Up includes KFC 8-piece Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, or 12-piece Extra Crispy Chicken tenders. Every meal comes with four biscuits, a large coleslaw, and large mashed potatoes.

❤️ What’s in a bargain bucket?

The bucket includes six pieces of KFC Original Recipe chicken and four regular fries. It’s all wonderful. KFC also reduced the cost of its Boneless Banquet Box Meal. The price of the box is now down to PS5.49. It includes three mini fillets and popcorn chicken.

❤️ Can you get Krushems at KFC?

KFC has added five new items to their menu, including Krushems milkshakes. KFC has also reintroduced two sides, rice boxes, and salad boxes to its menu. KFC has had a reduced menu since the outbreak of coronavirus.

❤️ What is a Krushem?

It’s a cold chocolate drink with oreo pieces and ice. It’s incredible. They are my favorite. They are often sold out because of the heat.

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