Harvey’s Menu Prices In Canada [Updated 2022] ❤️

Harvey’s Menu Prices 2022

Have your family members or friends members show up to your home suddenly and you’d like to get food that is affordable and still delicious, then you should check out the most recent Harvey’s menu prices list and then order the food according. You can also access Harvey’s secret menu prices here.

If you’re in your workplace and would like to order food, you are able to check and look up the menu prices for Harvey’s at your desk, and then order quickly the food you’re looking for.

Here are the specifics of the various food items from starters to desserts that you would like to explore and then compare the simple and delicious food you can make on your own in any location.

Here is Harvey’s current menu price list, which has been updated. If you’re looking to learn the price list for Harvey’s menu prior to going to the restaurant or placing an order for food on the internet, you can simply browse and look over the price list for Harvey’s menu below of your most-loved foods.

Harvey’s Menu Prices

It is important to be aware of the current cost of food such as burgers and soup, salad as well as beverages, chicken, and many more.

This portal will provide updated menu prices, as well as updated information. You can find it in the list below. Harvey’s menu prices for 2022.

We have included Harvey’s breakfast menu cost as well as Harvey’s meal menu cost and Harvey’s catering menu prices as shown below in the table that you can look over prior to ordering at the restaurant or on the internet.

However. It is recommended to visit Harvey’s official site to see the menu to determine the exact cost.

Get the most current and up-to-date Harvey’s menu prices and then compare it with our menu prices as restaurants could change their prices at any moment and there could be slight variations in price that is shown here, and the actual.

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Harvey’s Menu Prices For Burger Combos

 Original Burger Combo $9.79
 Double Original Burger Combo $11.19
 Angus Burger Combo $10.79
 Double Angus Burger Combo $12.89
 Jr. Burger Combo $6.19

Harvey’s Menu Prices For Chicken Combos

 Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo $11.39
 Crispy Chicken Sandwich Combo $11.29
 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Combo $11.29
 Crispy Chicken Wrap Combo $11.39
 Grilled Chicken Wrap Combo $11.49
 Buffalo Chicken Wrap Combo $11.39
 Chicken Strips Combo (4 Pieces) $10.79

Harvey’s Menu Prices For Poutine with Drink

 Meat Lovers Poutine with 20oz Soft Drink $11.19
Bacon Double Cheese Poutine with 20oz Soft Drink $10.69
Spicy Chicken Poutine with 20oz Soft Drink $11.89

Harvey’s Menu Prices For Other Combo Options

 Veggie Burger Combo $9.79
 Fish Sandwich Combo $9.79
 Hot Dog Combo $7.89

Harvey’s Menu Prices For Kids

 Kids Hamburger Combo $5.59
 Kids Chicken Strip (2 Pieces) Combo $7.09
 Kids Hot Dog Combo $6.49

Harvey’s Menu Prices For Sides

 Fries $3.19
 Frings® $4.09
 Onion Rings $3.19
 Frickles™ $4.09
 Poutine $5.09
 Bacon Poutine $6.09
 Buffalo Chicken Poutine $6.79
Side Salad $3.19
 Donuts $2.29
 Apple Pie $1.59

Harvey’s Menu Prices For Beverages

Pepsi $2.59
Diet Pepsi $2.59
Iced Tea $2.59
7UP $2.59
Root Beer $2.59
Mountain Dew $2.59
Dr. Pepper $2.59
Dole Apple Juice $3.49
Dole Orange Juice $3.49
Bottled Water $2.39
Milk $1.99
Chocolate Milk $1.99

Harvey’s Menu Prices For A la Carte Items

 Original Burger $5.89
 Double Original Burger $7.29
 Angus Burger $6.89
 Double Angus Burger $8.99
 Jr. Burger $2.29
 Grilled Chicken Sandwich $7.49
 Crispy Chicken Sandwich $7.39
 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $7.39
 Crispy Chicken Wrap $7.49
 Grilled Chicken Wrap $7.59
 Buffalo Chicken Wrap $7.49
 Chicken Strips (4 Pieces) $6.89
 Meat Lovers Poutine $9.49
 Bacon Double Cheese Poutine $8.99
 Spicy Chicken Poutine $10.19
 Veggie Burger $5.89
 Fish Sandwich $5.89
 Hot Dog $3.99

Harvey’s Fast Food Favorites

Are you ready to go to Harvey’s? Let’s start by sharing some of our favorite Harvey treats with you. Harvey has it all! Fries, salads, burgers, and donuts.

Harvey’s flagship burger is the Angus, but there’s another great burger ingredient: chicken. Harvey’s offers a variety of buffalo sauces to spice up your burgers. You can also choose a grilled chicken sandwich with the sauce of your choosing.

Harvey’s Fish Sandwich with Fresh Lettuce and Tomato is a great alternative.

Let’s not forget Harvey’s signature dish, Poutine. For a truly unique experience, combine your favorite toppings with a large portion of fries. You can add spicy chicken, Buffalo chicken, or double bacon cheese poutine.

Important Links

Official Website harveys.ca
Locations harveys.ca/en/locations/
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Harvey’s Contact Information

Harvey’s Corporate Office: Cara Operations Limited Harvey’s Division 199 Four Valley Drive Vaughan, Ontario L4K 0B8, Canada.

Harvey’s Phone Number: 1-844-729-7828

You can also contact the team Harvey’s by using the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/HarveysCanada/

Twitter: twitter.com/harveyscanada/

Instagram: instagram.com/harveys/

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❤️ How much is a Harvey Combo?

Item Price
Grilled and Fried Chicken Salad with 20oz of Drinks $11.64
Jr. Buffalo Combo Jr Buffalo sandwich alongside your selection of drinks or sides. $6.85
Junior. Crispy Chicken Combo Our well-known Crispy Chicken sandwich comes in size for a Jr! Included alongside your preferred side and beverage. (330-1010 Cals) $6.94

❤️ How much does the Big Harv cost?

Its Big Harv burger starts at just $7.79 or $11.29 for the combo with fries, and you can eat it at Harvey’s restaurant. Harvey’s eatery or get it shipped right to your doorstep.

❤️ Are our Harvey’s veggie burgers good?

They have lots of flavors they are delicious and taste fresh! I like that I can choose the toppings I want and can request as many of them as I like Always get additional pickles with the meal! When it comes to fast food goes Harvey’s is by far the best, in my opinion!

❤️ Is Harvey an American?

It serves burgers hot dogs, poutine, poutine onion rings, french fries, and other classic Canadian fast-food options. 
It was first opened in 1959. Harvey’s is among Canada’s longest-running Canadian-run and owned establishments.
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