Giraffe Restaurants Menu Prices [Updated 2022] ❤️

Giraffe Restaurants Menu Prices 2022

Giraffe Restaurants’ menu: Have you heard about Bottomless Brunch? You must be searching for a place where you can unwind after a tiring night to enjoy brunch.

I’ve found a place that is a must for the most delicious brunch. It’s also the name that the restaurant, Giraffe Restaurants.

Giraffe Restaurants Menu Prices

Giraffe restaurant is known for its vegetarian Breakfast plates Mexican Tostada platter, as well as bacon rolls.

The restaurant also offers a menu of breakfast gluten-free for children, and for children’s breakfast, and children’s. Everyone can find decent food at just $15.00.

Giraffe Restaurants Menu


Giraffe Restaurants Menu Prices For Picked For You

 Vegan Brunch (VG) £9.50
 Giraffe’s Bigger Brunch £11.50
 Maple Bacon Pancakes £7.95
 Nutella & Banana Pancakes £6.95
 Blue Banana Pancakes £6.95

Giraffe Restaurants Menu Prices For Breakfast

Giraffe’s Bigger Brunch (Breakfast) £11.50
 Big Brunch £9.50
 Giraffe’s Bigger Veggie Brunch (V) £11.50
 Avocado Smash £6.95
 Classic Pancakes £5.95
Maple Bacon Pancakes (Breakfast) £7.95
Blue Banana Pancakes (Breakfast) £6.95
Nutella & Banana Pancakes (Breakfast) £6.95
 Porridge £4.50
 Granola Fruit Bowl £5.50
 Veggie Brunch £9.50
Vegan Brunch (VG) (Breakfast) £9.50
 Gluten-Free Brunch £9.50
 Smokey Joe Burger £12.50
 Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs £8.50
 Benny Burger £12.50
 Kids Mini Brunch £3.95
 Kids Mini Veggie Brunch £3.95
 Kids Mini Vegan Brunch £3.95

Giraffe Restaurants Menu Prices For Breakfast Sides

Baked Beans £1.50
Hash Browns £1.50
Fries £3.50
Artisan Sour Dough Toast £2.50
Homefries (VG) £3.50
Homefries (V) £3.50

Giraffe Restaurants Menu Prices For Softies

 Real Kombucha Dry Dragon £4.95
Real Kombucha Dry Dragon (Softies) £4.95
 R Whites Raspberry Lemonade £2.95
Pepsi Max Cherry £2.95
Pepsi Max Cherry (Softies) £2.95
 7UP Free 330ml £2.60
 Pepsi 330ml £2.80
 Pepsi Max 330ml £2.60
 Sparkling Mineral Water £2.00
 Still Mineral Water £2.00

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Giraffe Restaurant Contact Information

Giraffe Restaurant Corporate Office Address: 12 Moor Street Soho London, England W1D 5NG, GB

Giraffe Restaurant Corporate Office Phone Number: 0208 457 2776

To contact the team of Giraffe Restaurants, you can also fill out the contact form on their website.

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