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Freebirds Menu Prices 2022

Freebirds Menu Prices: Freebirds World Burrito, Freebirds for short is a chain of regional restaurants of fast-casual eateries established around 1987.

It is located in Santa Barbara, California, USA. It was founded by Mark Orfalea. The restaurant chain expanded to Texas in the year 1990 under Orfalea’s management. 

Freebirds Menu Prices

In 1994, Mark’s college buddy as well as the restaurant’s manager Texas restaurant, Pierre Dube, purchased the restaurant’s control and then gradually extended the chain to include 19 locations in Texas. 

Orfalea kept the ownership of the first California restaurant and also had a license to keep this name across California.

Freebirds Menu Prices


Freebirds Menu Prices For Burritos

Hybrid (Steak) $6.70
Hybrid (Carnitas) $6.60
Hybrid (Ground Beef) $6.35
Hybrid (Chicken) $6.15
Hybrid (Veggie) $6.05
Hybrid (Tempeh) $6.05
Freebird (Steak) $7.45
Freebird (Carnitas) $7.35
Freebird (Ground Beef) $7.10
Freebird (Chicken) $6.90
Freebird (Veggie) $6.80
Freebird (Tempeh) $6.80
Monster (Steak) $9.45
Monster (Carnitas) $9.35
Monster (Ground Beef) $9.10
Monster (Chicken) $8.90
Monster (Veggie) $8.80
Monster (Tempeh) $8.80
Super Monster (Steak) $13.85
Super Monster (Carnitas) $13.75
Super Monster (Ground Beef) $13.45
Super Monster (Chicken) $13.25
Super Monster (Veggie) $13.05
Super Monster (Tempeh) $13.05

Freebirds Menu Prices For Quesadillas

Quesadilla (Steak) $7.45
Quesadilla (Carnitas) $7.35
Quesadilla (Ground Beef) $7.10
Quesadilla (Chicken) $6.90
Quesadilla (Cheese) $6.80
Quesadilla (Veggie) $6.80
Quesadilla (Tempeh) $6.80

Freebirds Menu Prices For Tacos

Taco (Steak) $2.85
Taco (Carnitas) $2.85
Taco (Ground Beef) $2.85
Taco (Chicken) $2.85
Taco (Veggie) $2.85
Taco (Tempeh) $2.85

Freebirds Menu Prices For Nachos

Nachos (Steak) $7.45
Nachos (Carnitas) $7.35
Nachos (Ground Beef) $7.10
Nachos (Chicken) $6.90
Nachos (Veggie) $6.80
Nachos (Tempeh) $6.80

Freebirds Menu Prices For Salads and Bowls

Freedom Salad (Steak) $7.45
Freedom Salad (Carnitas) $7.35
Freedom Salad (Ground Beef) $7.10
Freedom Salad (Chicken) $6.90
Freedom Salad (Veggie) $6.80
Freedom Salad (Tempeh) $6.80
Burrito Bowl (Steak) $7.45
Burrito Bowl (Carnitas) $7.35
Burrito Bowl (Ground Beef) $7.10
Burrito Bowl (Chicken) $6.90
Burrito Bowl (Veggie) $6.80
Burrito Bowl (Tempeh) $6.80

Freebirds Menu Prices For Featured

Lite Bowl (Chicken) $7.50
BBQ Classic Burrito $6.90
Spicy Chicken Burrito $7.90

Freebirds Menu Prices For Sides

Chips ‘n Guacamole $3.50
Chips ‘n Queso $3.25
Chips ‘n Salsa $2.00
Chips $1.50

Freebirds Menu Prices For Drinks and Desserts

Fountain Drink $2.25
Honest Tea (Honey Green) $2.60
Honest Tea (Half & Half) $2.60
Fanta Orange $2.60
Mexican Coke $2.60
Smart Water $2.25
Vitamin Water (Lemonade) $2.60
Vitamin Water (Dragon Fruit) $2.60
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.00
Brownie $2.25

Freebirds Menu Prices For Kids

Kids Quesadilla (Steak) $4.00
Kids Quesadilla (Carnitas) $4.00
Kids Quesadilla (Ground Beef) $4.00
Kids Quesadilla (Chicken) $4.00
Kids Quesadilla (Rice/Bean) $3.75
Kids Quesadilla (Plain) $3.75
Kids Quesadilla (Tempeh) $4.00
Kids Burrito (Steak) $4.00
Kids Burrito (Carnitas) $4.00
Kids Burrito (Ground Beef) $4.00
Kids Burrito (Chicken) $4.00
Kids Burrito (Tempeh) $4.00

Freebirds World Burrito History

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About Freebirds

The affordable Freebirds costs give the impression that you’re eating great food at no cost! This FreebirdsWorld Burrito is an established regional chain of casual eateries with a burrito-centric menu.

Freebirds offers a cafeteria-style menu for customers. The concept is that diners can customize their California-style Mission burritos by choosing the tortilla they prefer and the size.

They can also choose the fillings they prefer. The fillings can include a broad selection of cooked meats beans, vegetables, and cheeses as well as sauces.

These California-style Mission burritos are amongst the finest in the food industry because of the freshness of a majority of the ingredients, as well as the top standard of meats. 

The taste and texture of each burrito are bound to vary based on the individual’s preferences, specifically in regard to the type and quantity of fillings. 

It’s not only the burritos that are personalized – the chain also lets you customize salads, quesadillas and nachos, and tacos along with burrito bowls. Chips as well as salsa, queso, and chips.

Freebirds Menu Prices


The first and most important thing is that every place is designed and decorated with a style that takes the visitor to a new world once you enter the door. 

They often have their famous motorbike-riding man who crashes through the wall of the restaurant. In addition, they are decorated with stunning sky-themed ceilings and graffiti.

Although their menu appears fairly simple, it is actually a selection of salads, bowls, burritos as well as nachos, quesadillas, and tacos.

For each of their dishes, you can pick your choice of meat: carnitas, steak meat, chicken, or vegetarian. 

In addition, you can choose from a variety of amazing homemade condiments such as sauces, dressings, and sauces:

Spanish rice, hot pinto beans, tomatillo pepper sauce, black beans death sauce, and numerous others.

There are also children’s menus, with a range of drinks as well as desserts, additional items, and drinks. One of the most well-known dishes is their grass-fed steak.

the steak is cooked to perfection and is succulent and juicy. Choose which flavor tortilla you prefer flour, wheat, or cayenne.

Then, select the fillings. Choose the appropriate size, monster, Freebirds, or super monster, and you’ll enjoy a burrito to the max.

Freebirds ‘ staff is friendly and efficient. They do everything they can to make sure your experience is beyond your expectations. 

Their burrito prices vary between $6 and $13 based on the size you prefer. They also have a wide selection of other menu items falling around $6. 

If you’re in search of excellent food as well as friendly service and an unforgettable dining experience at a reasonable price visit Freebirds now.

Freebird World Burritos Hours

If you’re not sure yet about Food and Drinks at FreebirdWorld Lunch Hoursthen we will tell you about it this information. It begins at 10.30 AM and goes on until 10 pm.

We have also given you the complete timetable of the restaurant throughout the week:

Monday                                           10.30 AM- 10.00 PM
Tuesday                                           10.30 AM- 10.00 PM
Wednesday                                     10.30 AM- 10.00 PM
Thursday                                         10.30 AM- 10.00 PM
Friday                                              10.30 AM- 10.00 PM
Saturday                                          10.30 AM- 10.00 PM
Sunday                                             10.30 AM- 10.00 PM

Freebird World Burritos Hours

If you’re not sure yet about Food and Drinks at FreebirdWorld Lunch Hoursthen we will tell you about it this information. It begins at 10.30 AM and goes on until 10 pm.

We have also given you the complete timetable of the restaurant throughout the week:

– New Year’s Day
– Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)
– Valentine’s Day
– Presidents Day
– Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
– St. Patrick’s Day
– Good Friday
– Easter Monday
– Cinco de Mayo
– Mother’s Day
– Memorial Day
– Father’s Day
– Independence Day (4th of July)
– Labor Day
– Columbus Day
– Halloween
– Veterans Day

Most of the Freebird World Burritos restaurant remains closed during the following holidays:

– Easter Sunday
– Christmas Day

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Freebirds Contact Information

Freebirds Corporate Office Address- 9050 N Capital of Texas Hwy #360, Austin, TX 78759, USA

Freebirds Corporate Phone Number- +1 512-428-6802

You can also contact the team of Freebirds by using the contact form on their website.

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