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Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices: A majority of people want to eat food that is nutritious and delicious, but kids are always craving fast food that is crunchy and crisp.

If you’re planning to have dinner out with your family members, you’re trying to find restaurants that serve healthy and delicious food and also where your children are able to eat what they want according to their preferences.

Dunn’s Famous has a lot of fast-food options available on its menu. There are starters soups, salads as well as sandwiches, smoked meat wraps, pizzas, and wraps. hamburgers, pasta, hot dogs from their menu.

In your search for that restaurant you’ve landed on my site where I’ll provide the name of the restaurant, which can be described as Dunn’s Famous, and before you visit, I’ll provide details regarding Dunn’s Famous menu prices, history, contact details along with franchise details and a breakdown of nutrition for the food items that are featured on the Dunn’s Famous Menu.

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices

I’ll start with the background first. Dunn’s Famous was started by Myer Dunn, who immigrated from Canada and opened his first establishment in 1927.

Avenue Papineau near Avenue du Mont-Royal. The number of restaurants they own is six and the head office of the company is located in Montreal Quebec, Canada.

People are drawn to Dunn’s because it has served customers for decades and has earned the trust of their clients that there isn’t a restaurant that provides the same service that Dunn’s Famous.

Dunn’s Famous Menu  


Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Popular Items

 Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich $12.00
 Dunns Famous Cheesecake $10.00

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Features

 Beef Dip Sandwich $14.00
 Hot Turkey Sandwich $15.00
 Mac n Cheese $14.00
 Spaghetti Bolognese $14.00
 Slow Roasted Beef & Mushroom Sandwich $15.00
 Hamburger Steak & Fries $13.00

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Appetizers

 Fried Pickles $5.00
 Latkes $7.00
 Chicken Wings $12.00
 Beef Liver Pate $8.00
Appetizer Platter $18.00
 Egg Rolls $6.00

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Soups & Salads

 House Salad $9.00
 Caesar Salad $9.00
 Matzoh Ball $6.00
 Split Pea $6.00
 Chef Salad $12.00
 Potato Salad $8.00
 Feature Soup $6.00

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Signature Sandwiches

 Brooklyn Avenue $14.00
 The Capitol Sandwich $13.00
 Submarine $13.00
 Reuben Sandwich $18.00
 Veggie Wrap $12.00
 Double Down $14.00
 Smoked Meat Club $14.00
 Cubano $13.00
 Liver Combination $13.00
 The Rachel $14.00
 Turkey Bacon Avocado $13.00
 Sriracha Chicken $12.00
 BBQ Ranch Chicken $12.00
 Smoked Meat Wrap $14.00
 Hot Turkey $15.00

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Montreal Smoked Meat

 Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich (Montreal Smoked Meat) $12.00

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Burgers

 Le Canadien Burger $17.00
 All American Burger $16.00
 Mushroom & Swiss Burger $14.00
 BBQ Pulled Pork Burger $13.00
 Bacon & Cheese $14.00
 Fried Chicken & Egg Burger $13.00

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Grilled Cheese

 Smoked Meat Grilled Cheese $10.00
 Classic Grilled Cheese $6.00
 Ham & Swiss Melt $10.00
 California Grilled Cheese $10.00
 Sliced Hot Dog Grilled Cheese $10.00
 Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese $11.00
 Dunn’s Melt $11.00

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Platters

 2 People Platter $32.00
 3-4 People Platter $50.00
 4-6 People Platter $75.00

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Poutine

 Quebecoise Poutine $8.00
 Smoked Meat Dunn’s Poutine $13.00
 Bacon Poutine $11.00
 Pulled Pork $13.00
 Slow Roasted Beef Poutine $12.00
 Fried Chicken $13.00
 Baked Potato $12.00
 Hot Turkey (Poutine) $13.00
 Hot Dog $12.00

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Pickles

 Putters- Dunn Original $1.00

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Dessert

 Carrot Cake $7.00
 Red Velvet Cake $7.00
 Dunns Famous Cheesecake (Dessert) $10.00
 Chocolate Fudge $5.00

Dunn’s Famous Menu Prices For Drinks

Root Beer $2.00
Pepsi $2.00
Diet Pepsi $2.00
7 Up $2.00
Ginger Ale $2.00
Dr. Pepper $2.00
Ice Tea $2.00
Cream Soda $2.00
Grape Crush Soda $2.00
Bottled Water $2.00
Montpellier $3.00
Chocolate Milk $3.00
2% Milk $3.00

Dunn’s Famous Important Links

Official Website dunnsfamous.com
Locations dunnsfamous.com/en/locations/
Catering dunnsfamous.com/en/montreal-catering/
Retail dunnsfamous.com/en/retail/
Sitemap dunnsfamous.com/en/sitemap/

Dunn’s Famous Contact Information


Dunn’s Famous Corporate Office Phone Number: 514-395-1927

Social Media Handles

Facebook: facebook.com/dunnsfamous/

Instagram: instagram.com/dunnsfamous/

Twitter: twitter.com/dunnsfamous/


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