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Cold Stone Menu Prices 2022

Cold Stone Creamery is a worldwide Ice Cream parlor chain that was established in 1988. Cold Stone’s menu includes its famous mix made of top-quality Ice Cream customized according to the preference of the customer.

 Other noteworthy options include their Signature Creations, referred to by the name of Founder’s Favorite, Strawberry Blonde, OREO Overload, Cheesecake Fantasy, Coffee Lovers only, German chocolate Kake, Birthday Cake remix just to just several.

 There are also additional menu categories like Shakes, Smoothies, Signature Cakes, Ice Cream Cupcakes, and Hot Stone. 

cold stone menu prices

Hot Stone Hot Stone is a mixture of cold and warm desserts and offers options such as Hot for Cookie, Churro Caramel Crave, Caramel Apple Shortcake, No Fair Funnel Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, and numerous others. 

Like menu options can be located on the menus of Baskin Robbins, Haagen Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s, Sweet Frog, and Cinnabon. 

Cold Stone Calories are on the upper portion of the scale and should be taken into consideration for the balance of your diet. 

Prices are estimates based on averages and differ between various locations. Click below to see the most recent prices for cold stone.

Cold Stone Menu List 


Cold Stone Menu Prices For Ice Cream Signature Creations™

Like It Small $5.00
Love It Regular $5.25
Gotta Have It Large $5.75

Cold Stone Menu Prices For Create Your Own Ice Cream

Like It Small $4.00
Love It Regular $4.25
Gotta Have It Large $4.75
1st Mix-In FREE
Additional Mix-Ins $0.75

Cold Stone Menu Prices For Add Ons

Waffle Cone or Bowl $1.00
Dipped Waffle Cone or Bowl $2.00

Cold Stone Menu Prices For Hot Stone™

Warm & Delicious™ Desserts

Brownie A La Cold Stone™ $5.99
Churro Caramel Crave™ $5.99
Chocolate Lava Meltdown™ $5.99
No Fair Funnel Cake™ $5.99
Hot For Cookie™ $5.99

Cold Stone Menu Prices For Signature Cakes

Petite 4″ $10.00
Round Small 6″ $24.00
Round Large 8″ $32.00
Rectangle Small 8″x12″ $44.00
Rectangle Large 12″x18″ $62.00
Heart-Shaped 8″ $38.00
Custom Message $3.00

Cold Stone Menu Prices For Cold Stone At Home

Ready For Pick Up Now

Signature Pies™ $14.00
Ice Cream Cupcakes 6-Pack $14.00
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches 4-Pack $10.00
Ice Cream 1 Quart $8.00

Cold Stone Menu Prices For Shakes

Flavors: Oh Fudge, Very Vanilla, Savory Strawberry, Milk & OREO® Cookies, Cake Batter™ ‘n Shake & Cream de Menthe

Like It Small $5.00
Love It Regular $5.75
Additional Mix-Ins $0.75

Cold Stone Menu Prices For Smoothies

Flavors: Strawberry Banana, Blueberry Banana, Pineapple Blueberry, Strawberry Mango & Mango Pineapple

Like It Small $5.00
Love It Regular $5.75

Cold Stone Menu Prices For Beverages

Water $1.65
Soda $1.00
Other Drinks $1.65

History Of Cold Stone Creamery Menu 

Susan Sutherland and Donald Sutherland, the founders of Cold Stone Creamery, envisioned a business that promoted the pleasure of creamy and smooth premium Ice Cream, one that wasn’t hard-packed or soft-served. 

In 1988, the year that the company was established, Cold Stone Creamery opened its first location in Tempe, Arizona. However, it would take seven years until its first franchised store was open in Tucson, Arizona.

Kahala Brands is the current owner of the global Ice Cream chain. The company’s headquarters are located in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

In addition to the world-renowned Cold Stone Creamery brand, Kahala Brands has also been involved in joint-branding ventures together with Tim Hortons, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and Soup Kitchen International.

What’s the Story? Cold Stone Creamery

Ice cream is a treat perfect for all seasons which is precisely why Cold Stone Creamery prices are priced at a reasonable price. 

This chain of shops is well-known for its premium Ice cream available in a variety of flavors. Each order is tailored to the customer’s preferences. The chain, currently controlled by Kahala Brands, has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Cold Stone Creamery is all about Ice cream! The chain differentiates the ice cream it serves from others because it’s made of twelve to fifteen percent butterfat. The result is a more rich and creamier dessert that keeps returning to get more.

The delicious, rich, and sweet flavors of ice cream are the star of the show clearly. However, there are also other foods to enjoy like smoothies, ice cream cakes, milkshakes, cookie sandwiches hot brownies, hot churros, pie, and iced coffee drinks.

 A majority of these items contain ice cream creating a delicious treat for those who are a bit sweet.

cold stone menu prices

Review Of Cold Stone Creamery Menu 

In addition to their famous made-to-order food, Cold Stone Creamery’s other primary goal is to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

They can guarantee smiles on people’s faces, and their entire employees are always cheerful and friendly.

The rooms are spotless as well as decorated in warm colors with ambient lighting, as well as comfortable seating.

Their most popular products are the custom-made creations they create. You’ll first need to choose the flavor you prefer, select from cake batter French vanilla, sweet cream mint, chocolate cheesecake, Irish cream mango, or any of their other delightful flavors.

After that, a staff member will cut the flavor you choose with various mix-ins like caramel, chocolate chips, peanut butter, gummy bears, and raspberries.

They offer something for everyone. Then, this delicious mix will be put in one of their cones for waffles, ready for you to eat.

They have a variety of sweets: Ice cake and pie cookies, sundaes and cookie sandwiches, hot stone desserts, shakes, smoothies, and even drinks made with ice, each one of which is just as delicious as their most famous product.

If you’re not sure what to go for, they offer a variety of their unique creations. One of their best is their peanut butter cups, which are that is a masterpiece.

They come in various sizes: five ounces of “like it” cup, an 8oz ‘love it’ cup, and a 12oz “gotta get it’ cup. They are priced reasonably at between $4 and $6.

Cold Stone Creamery has been one of the leading competitors in its sector for more than 25 years. They’ve consistently delivered top-quality ice cream, made to order using only fresh ingredients.

The flavor combinations are amazing and truly create ice cream as an art form. So go to your nearest shop for a sweet treat today.

Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Information

Cold Stone Creamery has more than 1,100 locations across the globe. The company has grown to over 30 markets around the world. 

It includes the United States, India, Japan, Brazil, U.A.E., and numerous others. If you’re planning to start a Cold Stone Creamery store, then here’s what it would cost.

Name of Fee Cost
Initial Franchise Fee From $8,000 to $27,000
Rent/Security Deposit (for 3 months) From $0 to $26,000
Travel and Living Expenses (2 people) while training, not including salaries, if any From $3,000 to $7,500
Real Estate Varies
Lease Review Fee From $0 to $2,500
Architectural Fees From $1,000 to $10,000
Leasehold Improvements From $0 to $200,000
Exterior Signage From $1,500 to $12,000
Equipment From $8,000 to $130,000
PCI Compliance Costs From $150 to $1,300
Opening Inventory From $1,000 to $8,000
Employee Uniforms From $200 to $800
Grand Opening Marketing & Advertising From $5,000 to $10,000
Insurance Premiums From $500 to $2,500
Permits and Licenses From $500 to $3,000
Telephone and Utility Deposits and Hookups From $250 to $1,000
Computer Training and Food Safety Certification Course From $100 to $250
Miscellaneous From $1,000 to $3,925
Depository Account From $3,000 to $3,000
Additional Funds – 3 month initial period $20,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL From $53,200 to $468,775

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Cold Stone Creamery Contact Details

Cold Stone Creamery Corporate Office Address: Kahala Corp, 9311 E. Via de Ventura, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Cold Stone Creamery Corporate Phone Number: (480) 362-4800

You can also contact the team of Cold Stone Creamery by using the contact form on their website.

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Cold Stone FAQ  

What is it that makes Cold Stone Creamery Unique?

Ice cream from Cold Stone is produced on-site every day. It is classified in the category of “super-premium” by industry standards–meaning it is a mixture of 12 to 14% butterfat. This creates a unique creamy texture that distinguishes it from others.

Is CCold Stone Ice Cream healthy?

Cold Stone’s froyo hits the mark providing a healthy alternative to ice cream with the probiotics (which aids digestion) and the approval of the only the National Yogurt Association’s Live and Active Cultures. With only 34 calories per ounce and with no calories to be ashamed of.

Why is it called Cold Stone?

Cold Stone derives its name from the granite slab that is frozen used by employees to incorporate mix-ins into Ice Cream. 

To show appreciation to the customers who patronize them, Cold Stone employees sing songs whenever they receive tips. 

The year 1995 was the time that Cold Stone Creamery opened its first franchise location located in Tempe, Arizona.

What is the reason why employees from Cold Stone Sing?

The ‘Entertainment Factor’ intended to create a fun enjoyable, festive environment at Cold Stone Creamery stores and to differentiate us from other competitors. 

Actually, the majority of Cold Stone Creamery crew members love singing, to the point that they even write their own music!

How Long Does Cold Stone Ice Cream Stay in the freezer?

Ice cream that is opened and has been kept frozen constantly at 0°F will retain the highest quality for two to four months when stored in the freezer.

Who invented Cold Stone?

Cold Stone Creamery was founded by Donald Sutherland and Susan Sutherland in Tempe, Arizona in 1988 over 33 years ago.

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