Capriotti’s Menu Prices [Update 2022] ❤️

Capriotti’s Menu Prices 2022

Capriotti Menu Prices: This business is known for fresh, delicious, and freshly made sub sandwiches. Fast-casual chains have dominated the market for subs of specialty from the 1960s until the present. 

The first niche for Capriotti was the turkey selection. The turkey was then roasted for 12 hours over the course of a night and then sliced fresh the next morning to delight the customers’ stomachs and hearts.

Capriotti’s Menu

Today, they have a wide assortment of subs, salads, and sandwiches, in addition to offering a wide range of children’s food. 

Their offerings have been called the finest in America. With a track record of welcoming families, welcoming establishments, and delicious, affordable healthy food, go to Capriotti’s and no matter what you decide to eat, you’ll be full of satisfaction.

Capriotti’s Menu


Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Cap’s Specials

Bobbie 9 in. $7.50
Bobbie 12 in. $9.75
Bobbie 20 in. $14.75
Capastrami 9 in. $8.50
Capastrami 12 in. $10.75
Capastrami 20 in $16.25
Cole Turkey 9 in. $7.50
Cole Turkey 12 in. $9.75
Cole Turkey 20 in. $14.75
Slaw Be Jo 9 in. $7.50
Slaw Be Jo 12 in. $9.75
Slaw Be Jo 20 in. $14.75
Cran-Slam Club $6.50

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Hot Stuff

Cheese Steak 9 in. $8.25
Cheese Steak 12 in. $10.50
Cheese Steak 20 in. $16.25
Chicken Cheese Steak 9 in. $8.25
Chicken Cheese Steak 12 in. $10.50
Chicken Cheese Steak 20 in. $16.25
Grilled Italian 9 in. $7.75
Grilled Italian 12 in. $9.75
Grilled Italian 20 in. $14.75
Homemade Meatball Sub 9 in. $6.75
Homemade Meatball Sub 12 in. $8.75
Homemade Meatball Sub 20 in. $13.00
Italian Sausage 9 in. $7.50
Italian Sausage 12 in. $9.50
Italian Sausage 20 in. $14.50

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Cold Subs

Homemade Turkey 9 in. $7.50
Homemade Turkey 12 in. $9.75
Homemade Turkey 20 in. $14.75
Homemade Roast Beef 9 in. $7.50
Homemade Roast Beef 12 in. $9.75
Homemade Roast Beef 20 in. $14.75
Italian 9 in. $7.50
Italian 12 in. $9.75
Italian 20 in. $14.75
Ham & Cheese 9 in. $7.50
Ham & Cheese 12 in. $9.75
Ham & Cheese 20 in. $14.75
Tuna 9 in. $7.50
Tuna 12 in. $9.75
Tuna 20 in. $14.75
Cheese 9 in. $7.00
Cheese 12 in. $9.00
Cheese 20 in. $13.50

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Sandwiches

Homemade Turkey $5.25
Homemade Roast Beef $5.25
Ham $5.25
Tuna $5.25

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Salads

Balsamic Chicken Salad $8.25
The Black and Bleu Salad $8.25
Cap’s Creation™ Salad $6.75
BBQ Chicken Salad $8.25
BBQ Turkey Salad $8.25
Cap’s Chopped Salad $8.25

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Soups

Chicken Noodle Soup Cup $5.25
Chicken Noodle Soup Bowl $6.50
Tomato Bisque Cup $5.25
Tomato Bisque Bowl $6.50
Broccoli Cheddar Cup $5.25
Broccoli Cheddar Bowl $6.50

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Desserts & Sides

Chips Small $0.75
Chips Medium $0.95
Chips Large $3.99
Brownie $1.99
Cookie $0.95

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Cap’s Kids

Served with Ocean Spray Craisins & Juice Box

Turkey and Cheese $4.79
Ham and Cheese $4.79
Grilled Cheese $4.79

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Beverages

Soda 20 oz. Bottle $1.89
Soda 2 Liter Bottle $2.99
Capriotti’s Bottled Water $0.99

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Catering Trays

Delaware’s Finest Small $42.99
Delaware’s Finest Large $54.99
The Bobbie Small $42.99
The Bobbie Large $54.99
Little Italy Small $42.99
Little Italy Large $54.99
The Turkey Lover Small $42.99
The Turkey Lover Large $54.99
The Sampler Small $42.99
The Sampler Large $54.99

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Catering Box Lunch

Any 9 in. Cold Subs or Cap’s Specials with Small Chips or Cole Slaw & Cookie. 6 Person Minimum Order.

Cap’s Big Box Lunch $9.99
Kids Meal Box Lunch $5.99

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Catering Salads

Balsamic Chicken Catering Salad $24.99
BBQ Turkey Catering Salad $24.99
BBQ Chicken Salad $24.99
Cap’s Chopped Catering Salad $24.99
Cap’s Creation Catering Salad $24.99
Black & Bleu Catering Salad $24.99

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Catering Meatball Bar

Meatball Bar (Feeds 14-16) $99.99

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Catering Sides

Side Stuffing Small $1.49
Side Stuffing Medium $2.29
Side Stuffing Large $7.99
Cole Slaw Small $1.49
Cole Slaw Medium $2.29
Cole Slaw Large $7.99
Cranberry Sauce Small $1.29
Cranberry Sauce Medium $1.99
Cranberry Sauce Large $6.99

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Catering Desserts

Cookie & Brownie Tray $16.99
Cookie Tray $12.99

Capriotti’s Menu Prices For Capture 2

1/2 Sub & Salad $8.49
1/2 Sub & Cup of Soup $8.49
Cup of Soup & Salad $8.49

Capriotti’s Catering Menu Prices 2022

Delaware is the home of many treasures from America however, perhaps among the more famous is the Capriotti’s Catering Menu. 

Capriotti’s is renowned for its tasty sandwiches that are above the taste and taste of the typical menu. 

The restaurant first came into existence in 1974, when it was created by two brothers, Alan and Lois Margolet who had viewed several sandwich stores that were built and felt that they had something they could offer. That’s how Capriotti’s, named after their grandfather, came into the market.

Below is their complete catering menu:

Capriotti's Catering Menu

Capriotti’s Catering Menu


Capriotti’s Catering Menu For Party Trays

Delawares Finest – Party Tray Small $59.99
Delawares Finest – Party Tray Large $74.99
The Bobbie – Party Tray Small $59.99
The Bobbie – Party Tray Large $74.99
The Turkey Lover – Party Tray Small $59.99
The Turkey Lover – Party Tray Large $74.99
Little Italy – Party Tray Small $59.99
Little Italy – Party Tray Large $74.99
The Vegetarian – Party Tray Small $59.99
The Vegetarian – Party Tray Large $74.99
The Sampler – Party Tray Small $59.99
The Sampler – Party Tray Large $74.99

Capriotti’s Catering Menu For Salads

Balsamic Chicken $32.99
BBQ Turkey $32.99
BBQ Chicken $32.99
Caps Chopped $32.99
Black & Bleu $32.99
Caps Creation $32.99

Capriotti’s Catering Menu For Extras

Catering Side of Stuffing Small $1.49
Catering Side of Stuffing Medium $2.29
Catering Side of Stuffing Large $7.99
Catering Side of Cole Slaw Small $1.49
Catering Side of Cole Slaw Medium $2.29
Catering Side of Cole Slaw Large $7.99
Catering Side of Cranberry Sauce Small $1.79
Catering Side of Cranberry Sauce Medium $2.49
Catering Side of Cranberry Sauce Large $6.99
Chips Small $1.29
Chips Medium $1.79
Chips Large $2.49
Cookie & Brownie Tray $16.99
Cookie Tray $12.99

The Most Popular Catering Options At Capriotti’s

If you call Capriotti’s, you’ll be provided with an array of choices for catering your occasion one to remember. 

We believe that every meal, we believe must begin with a delicious salad. choosing Capriotti’s offers an array of salads available. 

It is possible to order their BBQ Chicken or Turkey Salad, Balsamic Chicken, or their Black & Bleu salads to begin with and then add various sides to your main dish. 

Cole Slaw, Stuffing, and Cranberry Sauce are all available, along with their brownies, cookies, and chips are also available.

See their most-loved products below:

About Capriotti’s

Capriotti’s is a fast-casual chain of restaurants that has more than 100 restaurants across the United States. 

The Las Vegas Capriotti’s, Nevada-based chain was established in the year 1976, with its first restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware. The affordable prices of Capriotti are one of the reasons for its growing popularity in the submarines industry.

The company is known for three kinds of submarine sandwiches, which include cold, grilled, and vegetarian. 

Indeed, one of their signature sandwiches was named by as the “Best Sandwich” to be found in America (2009) due to the delicious mix of pulled turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayo. 

The chain was also featured in USA Today as among the most surprising places to eat sandwiches, according to USA Today (2012).

The popularity of subs and sandwiches is in large part due to the flavor that the pork pulled that is used in the subs. 

Every restaurant cooks their turkeys for a few hours before pulling the meat and putting it in the subs. The chain also makes its own meatballs and coleslaw!

Below are the most current prices on Capriotti’s menu.


Each restaurant has minor differences, but they all have the same traditional theme and warm and inviting ambiance. 

In certain locations, you’ll see walls made of brick and others have a more sleek appearance. The staff in every location is courteous efficient, professional, and efficient. They will ensure that your order is prepared and delivered within the shortest amount of time.

While they got their name by roasting fresh turkey subs have expanded to include an assortment of sandwiches, subs, and salads. 

In each of these options, you can also find a wide range of flavors to pick from. If you’re craving cold subs, there are a variety of choices: roast beef, turkey, Italian, tuna, and cheese. 

If you’d like some of their hot tubs, their selection is even more appealing such as cheesesteak or chicken cheesesteak, and their own meatball sub, to mention just a few.

The chain also has various Cap specials which are frequently updated with new flavors. The most well-known item they offer can be described as “The Bobbie” This sandwich actually received an award for “The Greatest Sandwich in America’ and certainly is up to the hype. 

The prices are fairly average for the industry and based on the sub’s size, they provide the sizes of 9in, 12in, and 20inch. Their price ranges from $7 to $15 for their super-sized sandwiches.

Overall, they use premium ingredients to be capable of consistently serving high-quality freshly prepared food at an affordable price. 

The company has served excellent products for more than 30 years. If you decide to check out their sandwiches or subs and you’ll leave happy and be returning to try more.


Capriotti’s Franchising Information

Capriotti’s has over 100 locations across more than sixteen states in America including the District of Columbia and if you’d like to start a Capriotti’s franchise here’s what it will cost to start one.
Franchise Fee $40,000
Development Service Fee $6,000
Kitchen Plans And Engineering Fees From $10,000 to $15,000
Professional Permits and Licensing From $1,000 to $4,000
Security Deposits From $0 to $8,000
Leasehold Improvement From $125,000 to $315,913
Furniture, Fixtures, and Smallwares From $85,000 to $125,000
Signage and Decor From $15,000 to $19,000
Menu Boards From $3,000 to $3,500
Pos System From $12,000 to $17,000
Training $10,000
Opening Inventory From $4,000 to $7,000
Shop Launch Marketing Plan $30,000
Pre-Opening Mock Operations $3,000
Insurance (3 Months) From $1,000 to $2,000
Additional Funds (3 Months) From $30,000 to $40,000
Total Investment From $375,000 to $645,413

Important Links

Official Website
Order Online

Capriotti’s Contact Information

Capriotti’s Head Office Address– 6056 S. Durango, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV, 89113

Capriotti’s Phone Number– (702) 373-3855 / (702) 736-3878

You can contact the team Capriotti’s using the contact form on their website.

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Linkedin: LinkedIn. com/company/Capriotti’s-sandwich-shop-inc-

Capriotti’s Hours

If you’re planning to have dined at Capriotti’s, you should know their dining timetables. The Capriotti’s lunch hours begin at 10.30 AM and continue until 8.00 pm.

Here is the complete menu of the restaurant’s hours for weekends and weekdays:

Day  Open  Close
Monday 10.30 AM 8.00 PM
Tuesday 10.30 AM 8.00 PM
Wednesday 10.30 AM 8.00 PM
Thursday 10.30 AM 8.00 PM
Friday 10.30 AM 8.00 PM
Saturday 10.30 AM 8.00 PM
Sunday  11.00 AM 11.00 PM

Capriotti’s Holiday Hours

The restaurant is open on many public holidays. This is why we have the holidays when the restaurant is open:

–New Year’s Day
– Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)
– Valentine’s Day
– Presidents Day
– Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
– St. Patrick’s Day
– Good Friday
– Easter Monday
– Cinco de Mayo
– Mother’s Day
– Memorial Day
– Father’s Day
– Independence Day (4th of July)
– Labor Day
– Columbus Day
– Halloween
– Veterans Day
– Thanksgiving Day
– Black Friday
– Cyber Monday
– Christmas Eve
– New Year’s Eve

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In addition, we’ve given you Google maps with all restaurants’ locations marked. This makes it easy to find the nearest restaurant.

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