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Burger Fuel Menu Prices Information 2022

Burger Fuel Menu Prices: Are you a burger lover? If so then you’ve likely been to Burger Fuel restaurant which was established on the 15th of May 1995 in Auckland, New Zealand by Christopher Mason. 

If you’ve never been to this amazing restaurant, then you’re missing out on lots of things. The restaurant is known for its hamburgers, chicken and beef dishes as well as fries and also vegan food.

Burger Fuel Menu Prices 

If you’re trying to find Burger Fuel menu prices, Burger Fuel menu prices then your search is over. We will provide you with what are the Burger Fuel menu prices so you can begin ordering the items.

Below are the Burger Fuel menu prices:

Burger Fuel Menu

Burger Fuel Menu Specials

Smack and Cheese $14.90
Smack and Cheese Feed $19.90
Banoffee Boss $7.50
Beyond Belief $10.00
Sweet as Tartar Fries W Aioli $6.60

Burger Fuel Menu Grass-Fed Beef

Alternative Muscle $14.90
CN Cheese $13.70
American Muscle Single $11.70
American Muscle Double $16.70
BioFuel $12.50
Bastard $16.70
Fork Freakout $14.50
Bacon BBQ Roadster $16.50
Babina $8.50
Hamburger with Cheese $6.90

Burger Fuel MenuFree-Range Chicken

Bacon Backfire $14.70
Thunderbird $11.90
Burnout $14.90
Chook Royale $8.50

Burger Fuel Menu Plant-Powdered

Beyond Belief $10.00
V8 Vegan $13.90
V-Twin Vege $12.90
Combustion Tofu Large $13.50
Combustion Tofu $8.50

Burger Fuel Menu Minis and Kids Meals

Babina $8.50
Hamburg in With Cheese $6.90
Chook Royale $8.50
Combustion Tofu $8.50
Kids Cheeseburger Meal $9.80
Kids Natural Nuggets Meal $9.80

Burger Fuel Menu Burger Fuel Menu Sides

Sweet As Tartar Fries W Aioli $6.60
Sprud Fries with Aioli $5.60
Kumara Fries with Aioli $6.60
Chicken Fenders $8.50
Motobites $7.90

Burger Fuel Menu Thick Shakes and Drinks

Banoffee Boss $8.50
Thickshake $8.50
Soy Thickshake $8.50
Coke 330ML $5.00
Coke NO Sugar 330ML $5.00
Diet Coke 330ML $5.00
Sprite 330ML $5.00
L&P 330ML $5.00
Fanta 330ML $5.00
Phoenix Organic Cola $5.50
Most Organic Apple Orange and Mango $5.0
Most Organic Apple and Feijoa $5.50
Pump 750ML $4.50

Burger Fuel Menu Burger Fuel Menu Sauces

Free Range BurgerFuel Aioli $1.20
Free Range BurgerFuel Lemon Aioli $1.20
Free Range BurgerFuel Chipotle Aioli $1.20
Tomato Sauce $1.00
BurgerFuel Vegan Aioli $1.60

Important Links

Official Website burgerfuel.com/nz/
Order Online burgerfuel.com/nz/orderonline/
Locations burgerfuel.com/nz/locations/
Career burgerfuel.com/nz/career/
Vib burgerfuel.com/nz/vib-sign-up/

Burger Fuel Contact Information

Burger Fuel Corporate Office Address: Grey Lynn Auckland, NZ

Burger Fuel Corporate Office Phone Number: 093766007

To contact the team of Burger Fuel, you can also fill out the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Facebook Page: facebook.com/burgerfuel

Instagram Account: instagram.com/burgerfuel/

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/burgerfuel

Burger FAQ about Fuel

How much is a Burger Franchise Forn Fule?

The amount of money required for opening a Burger Fuel Franchise is between $300,000 and $350,000. 

There is a franchise fee at the beginning of $50,000 that grants you the authority to operate your business with Burger Fuel. Burger Fuel name.

How many Burger Fuel Stores Do You Have?

They currently have more than 88 sites across six countries. Their headquarters is within Ponsonby, New Zealand.

Who was the first person to start the Burger Fuel Fuel?

Burger Fuel was founded by Christopher Simon Mason 25 years ago, with the intention of serving delicious burgers to customers.

What was the location where Burger Fuel was first discovered?

Burger Fuel was founded in Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand in the year 2000. Currently, they operate over 87 outlets across six countries.

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